Invest 20000 month SIP

Invest Rs 20000 per month in SIP Mutual Fund (2023)

Invest 20000 month SIP

Are you planning to invest Rs 20000 per month? Or for that matter, you have already decided to invest 20000 per month in mutual fund SIP?

If yes, then please read on.

Investing Rs 20000 every month means different things to different people. For those with a salary of Rs 50,000, it means a lot (40% of salary). But for someone with Rs 3 lac monthly income, it’s next to nothing (~7% of income)!

In any case, investing in mutual fund SIP is a good decision and you will create a lot of wealth.

Why do I say so?

Because it’s well proven; I have benefited from it greatly myself and also because there are several real life proofs for this (like this one where one person used SIP to create a portfolio of multiple crores). You may accept or not, but the fact is that for many small investors, there are some obvious benefits of SIP investing.

SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is simple – Invest a fixed sum in mutual funds at a regular frequency (mostly monthly). Since most people are incapable of making big lump sum investments, SIP makes it easy for these people to make small and regular investments every month using their monthly salaries.

Now once you have decided to go ahead with your investment plan, my guess is that your main concern would be to know how much you will have if you invest Rs 20000 every month for several years?


So let’s do some basic calculations:

Value of Rs 20000 per month Mutual Fund SIP

If you check the historical SIP returns of good mutual funds, you will find that returns have been in the range of 12 to 18%. But let’s be conservative and assume that the average SIP returns in 10, 15 or 20 years will be about 12% per annum.

So here is what a Rs 20000 monthly Systematic Investment Plan can do over the years:

  • 5 year SIP of Rs 20000 monthly = Rs 17 lakh
  • 10 year SIP of Rs 20000 monthly = Rs 47 lakh
  • 15 year SIP of Rs 20000 monthly = Rs 1 crore
  • 20 year SIP of Rs 20000 monthly = Rs 1.9 crore
  • 25 year SIP of Rs 20000 monthly = Rs 3.5 crore
  • 30 year SIP of Rs 20000 monthly = Rs 6.4 crore


Those are some big numbers…at least towards the end.

And the picture becomes clearer when you compare these numbers with the actual investments made:

  • 5 year = Rs 20,000 x 12 x 5 = Rs 12 lakh
  • 10 year = Rs 20,000 x 12 x 10 = Rs 24 lakh
  • 15 year = Rs 20,000 x 12 x 15 = Rs 36 lakh
  • 20 year = Rs 20,000 x 12 x 20 = Rs 48 lakh
  • 25 year = Rs 20,000 x 12 x 25 = Rs 60 lakh
  • 30 year = Rs 20,000 x 12 x 30 = Rs 72 lakh

Stunning! Isn’t it?

The route of SIP investing can create a lot of wealth for you.

And just notice that if you invest Rs. 20,000 per month via SIP for 10 years, you are actually investing about Rs 24 lakh. But in return, you are getting around Rs 47-48 lakh. It is double of what you originally invested over the 10-year period.

So just imagine the kind of wealth you can create if you start investing early on in your career (let’s say at age 25-30) and continue till 60. Your monthly investments of Rs 20,000 in equity funds can grow into Rs 6.4 crore in 30 years! This is the magic of compounding at play.

Compared with other options like fixed deposits, PF, etc. (where you won’t get more than 7-8% returns), equity funds are great for real inflation-beating wealth creation.

And at the cost of sounding repetitive, I would say that starting early is unimaginably important. Here is a detailed post that I did to highlight the huge cost of delay in investing. It’s about two friends who start investing at different ages of 25 and 35. You will be shocked to see the difference in the final corpus they create. Do read it!

Real Example – SIP of Rs 20000 in Good Mutual Funds

The calculations above were done using simple SIP calculator (assuming 12% average returns). But in reality, neither stock markets nor mutual fund NAVs move in straight lines. The returns fluctuate and don’t follow straight lines.

So here are some real life SIP examples to show how much you would have if you had started investing Rs 20,000 a month via SIP in good funds years back:

Note – The choice of fund(s) or fund house is just for sharing the concept. It should not be construed as an investment recommendation.

Starting from January 2000, if you had invested Rs 20,000 per month in HDFC Top 200, HDFC Equity and HDFC Prudence, your actual total investment in each would have been about Rs 42.2 lac (up to July 2017).

And the value of your investments would be…

….hold your breath….

  • Rs 3.48 crore in HDFC Top 200 Fund
  • Rs 3.72 crore in HDFC Equity Fund
  • Rs 3.26 crore in HDFC Prudence Fund

Read those figures again. 🙂

These have been achieved in little over 17 years!

We often think it’s difficult to get rich. But the above examples prove otherwise.

Investing in mutual fund SIPs can make you a SIP crorepati even with a normal income. How to get Rs 1 crore in 15 years? The answer is to invest Rs 20000 every month. Can’t invest that much? No worries. If you invest Rs 10000 every month, you can still get to Rs 1 crore in 20 years. So if you were looking for an answer to how to become crorepati by SIP, I assume you have your answers now. 🙂


Don’t you feel something is odd in this discussion till now?

There is. And let me highlight it for you –

There is absolutely no need to keep investing just the originally decided amount of Rs 20000 per month for 20-30 years. Your income would increase every year. So your investments should increase too. Isn’t it? Now a Rs 20000 per month investment for 17 years resulted in Rs 3.2-3.8 crore. Just imagine what would have happened if you had decided to go for a Step Up SIP? An SIP that increases every year in line with your income. So for example, it can be Rs 20000 in the first year, followed by SIP of 25,000 per month in next year, SIP of 30,000 per month in 3rd year and so on…. (i.e., increasing SIP by Rs 5000 every year).

I hope you get the picture. 🙂

If you are planning to start a SIP, just remember that you can create ‘more’ wealth if you are able to increase the SIP amount every year.

Now ofcourse I have chosen funds that help me prove my point. And there would be several other bad funds too where a systematic investment strategy would have resulted in much lower SIP returns.

But I am trying to highlight the potential of serious wealth creation here. And if you believe in the power of equity, then for most common people, the best way to invest regularly in equity is to do via mutual fund SIPs.

Model SIP Mutual Fund Portfolio

If you wish to create a portfolio of mutual funds by doing a SIP of 20000 per month, it’s suggested not to have too many funds. Going for just 2-4 funds is more than enough.

Depending on one’s risk profile, some possible combinations are:

  • Rs 10000 each in two Large Cap funds
  • Rs 10000 Large Cap fund + Rs 10000 Balanced fund
  • Rs 7500 each in two Large Cap funds + Rs 5000 Mid&Small Cap fund
  • Rs 10000 in Large Cap Fund + Rs 10000 in Flexi/Multi Cap Fund
  • Rs 10000 Large Cap fund + Rs 5000 Balanced fund + Rs 5000 Mid&Small Cap fund
  • Rs 10000 Balanced fund + Rs 6000 Mid&Small Cap fund + Rs 4000 Large cap fund
  • Rs 10000 Index Fund + Rs 10000 Balanced fund

There can be an infinite number of combinations. Suitability of SIP portfolio will differ from one investor to other.

If you are not sure about where to invest or looking for the best SIP for Rs 20000 per month, it’s better to take help of an investment advisor.

Note – It’s assumed that if investing Rs 20000 in equity funds, you have already taken care of debt investments (via PF, PPF, debt funds, etc.) in accordance with your asset allocation based investment plan. It is also assumed that you wish to invest for at least 5 years. Anything lower (like 2-3 years) and you should go for debt options or have a very small percentage in equities.

SIPs are really helpful when it comes to investing in equity without much effort or stress. But SIPs can be helpful when it comes to goal based investing too.

I have already written at length as to how setting goals can help better manage investments.

In fact, it’s the basis of how the remarkably powerful and useful goal based financial planning works.

You can easily use SIPs to plan for all your goals (download free financial goal worksheet here) and then invest regularly to achieve them. Goals like saving for children’s education, children’s marriage, saving for your house purchase, foreign trips, etc. can be done easily and efficiently through systematic investment plans of mutual funds.

And why leave the biggest goal of them all?

You can even do your retirement planning or early retirement planning using mutual funds. In addition to the mandatory savings you do for your retirement (via EPF or PPF), you can use SIPs to create a good retirement mutual fund portfolio too. Investing in mutual funds for retirement is a no-brainer if you don’t want to run out of money before you die.

Need Help?

As a professional investment advisor, I do help investors create goal-based financial plans to achieve their real financial goals. If you wish to get yourself a solid financial plan that tells you how much to invest, where to invest and for how long to invest for your financial goals, you can contact me for professional advice.

Here is how to contact me:

  • Go through the Services Page to see how I create your financial plan and use the form (at the end of the page) to contact me
  • Contact Me Directly using this form

As you must have realized by now, just knowing where to invest Rs 20000 every month is not enough. You need to invest according to your financial goals to actually live a financially fulfilling life.

I will end this post now.

But before I do, let me tell you something important – SIP is no magic that will solve all your financial worries. Also, it does not guarantee high positive returns. But in order to earn high returns offered by equity and that too on a limited monthly income that most people have, taking the SIP route is the best bet.

And please, don’t be under the impression that SIP is only for small investors. You can invest much more than just doing a SIP of 20000 per month. 🙂 You can go for (click links below for details):

Or if you want to know how much wealth you can create by investing lesser amounts, then use below links:

By investing regularly via SIP in the best mutual funds for long term SIP investment, you can create a solid portfolio that earns inflation-beating returns without any hassles.


Are you still thinking whether or not to start a SIP in equity mutual funds?

I would suggest you stop thinking and start acting now.

You have all the answers now and don’t need to wonder what would happen if I invest 20000 a month in mutual funds. You know exactly how much wealth your small regular systematic investments can create. So start investing if you still haven’t, or increase your SIP investments if you are already investing 20000 monthly in mutual fund SIP in 2023. Over long term, you will do incredibly well.

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