Financial Planning Services

My name is Dev Ashish and I am a SEBI-registered Investment Advisor. As a professional advisor, I offer the following service:

Goal based Financial Planning

You work for money. In return, money must help you achieve your life goals. Isn’t that fair?

If you think that’s fair, then goal-based investing is what you will easily relate to.

It’s not about beating stock markets (Sensex, Nifty, etc.). It’s also not about achieving the highest returns by taking the maximum possible risk. And it’s also not about trying to beat any or everybody else.

It is simply about you, your goals and how you use the money to achieve them.

This is the basic idea of goal based investing.

Most people have financial goals. Some are big and some are small. Some are just around the corner (short term) and some are decades away (long term). But most importantly, these goals are uniquely yours.

You may have a goal to ensure that your children get the best possible education (whatever it costs). Many of you would want to buy a house of your own. Or if you already have one, you may dream of having a holiday home on the beach. Or you may want to have a big enough portfolio to live off in retirement without having to worry about money ever again. Or how about early retirement?

your financial goals

The fact is that all these goals require money. And most people don’t have an unlimited supply of money.

Goal-based investing tries to solve this problem.

It puts your financial goals (which come from your real life goals) at the centre of the planning process.

Once your goals are identified and prioritized, I as your investment advisor will create a solid + actionable financial plan that tells you:

  • How much will each of your goals cost in future?
  • How much to invest periodically?
  • When exactly to invest (and for how long)?
  • Where to invest?

Aren’t these the questions you really wanted answers to?

I am doing the heavy lifting on your behalf and finding answers to these questions.

Income to Financial Goals

If the plan is created sensibly and if you implement* it properly, you will be on track to achieve all your personal financial goals.

*At times, people’s emotions drive their investment decisions instead of logic. A well-thought out investment strategy works only if you implement it. And having a strategic and goal-based investment helps take emotion out of investments and further increase your chances of investing correctly and according to your goals.

A goal-based investment framework better serves individuals’ needs. You can read more about goal-based investing here.

What You Get if You Engage Me

 A goal-based investment plan puts you in the driver’s seat.

When you decide to engage me for financial planning, I will be doing the following:

  • Assessment of all your Financial Goals (like retirement, children’s education and marriage, property purchase, etc.)
  • Prioritization of Goals
  • Check Goal Affordability & help Rationalize goals (if necessary)
  • Evaluate your risk tolerance and appetite.
  • Review existing investments
  • Come up with a customized Asset Allocation for each goal (or goal groups)
  • Provide Goal based Investment Advice
  • Do periodic review of the plan and advice accordingly

That is not all. I also do a thorough analysis of

  • Your Life and Health Insurance needs and advice on suitable products.
  • Your Emergency Fund requirement and advice on how and where to create a suitable fund.

You will receive a Super-specific and Totally Realistic Financial Plan, with all above details + advice and with actionable investment strategy that is unique to you.

Remember that you and your financial situation are different from others. Hence, I don’t use an off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all plan. Each and every plan is customized to reflect your actual financial situation and requirements.

Mode of Delivery: E-mail

Estimated Delivery Time: 3-6 weeks

Here’s a look at typical clients I work with:

Typical Stable Investor Clients

And I have been lucky to have clients who:

  • Believe in following systems and goal-based approach to achieve targets
  • Don’t believe in get-rich-overnight schemes
  • Believe a long term strategy increases the probability of investing success.
  • Realize that there is more to life than just money (shouldn’t money allow you to live a life you really want?).
  • Understand that investing and financial planning are not just number-driven exercises. It’s more about having the right mindset. 


One time Planning fee is communicated after evaluating the complexity of your financial needs and the effort required. Don’t worry, the fee is reasonable.


I follow a fairly simple yet solid process for plan creation – that allows me to know you, your story and your financial life inside and out. I also get to identify your strengths, challenges and opportunities through our interaction and data collection. This enables me in creating a solid plan for achieving your financial goals.

As for the exact process, you will go through the following step-by-step:

  1. We have a telephonic discussion to assess your requirement.
  2. Once I have your confirmation for engagement, I will mail you the Letter of Engagement / Agreement.
  3. You will make the fee payment and send the signed copy of the Letter of Engagement / Agreement.
  4. I will mail you the data collection sheet, risk profiler, etc.
  5. You will reply with the completed data collection sheet and risk profiler.
  6. In case I need more information (or clarifications) from you, I will reach out to you via email/phone.
  7. Once I have all the necessary information, I will start working on the plan and write a detailed financial plan for you with recommendations and specific advice.
  8. I will send you the plan and have a detailed discussion to explain the same.
  9. If there are changes to be made post-discussion, I will make revisions and communicate the same via revised plan and call with you. 

Important (but not Boring) Things for You to Know

When you engage me to create a financial plan for you, it is very important for you to know what I believe in. As my beliefs will have a definite impact on the plan I create, you better know me well. 🙂

  • I am a long term investor myself and know that it works. I have already written several hundred articles about it on Stable Investor. To know more about me, click here.
  • I am a fee-only Investment Advisor (registered with SEBI). This means I am only compensated by you (via fees) and not via commissions from financial companies. So you can rest assured that I am sitting on the same side of the table as you are and I do not have any conflict of interests. You can also be sure that my advice is always with your best interests in mind (And if that is not enough, I also have a legal obligation to put your interest before my own in all recommendations I make). Happy? 🙂
  • To ensure that I give sufficient time and honest efforts to each assignment, I take up very limited number of planning engagements every month. I talk to you (if need be several times), analyse various scenarios and put myself in your shoes. All this takes time and effort, but more importantly, increases the probability of financial plan succeeding eventually. And I cannot compromise on that. I am not in this business for handling thousands of clients. Rather, its more important for me to give reasonably good, well-researched, thought through and implementable advice to few clients.
  • My Promise: I try my best to structure my work and service so that clients get personal attention and can benefit from my financial research. I do hundreds of hours of research every year and try to leverage it to benefit those who decide to place their trust in me.

Interested in Working Together?

If you think that you and I can work together to create a well-thought-out + and clear goal-based financial plan, then it’s time to get in touch.

Getting started is easy. Just fill out the form below and I will get back to you:

Or you can even send me an email at and/or I will take it forward from there.

Note – Link to SEBI’s website with my registration details – Here (on the landing page, you need to scroll down to see my name in the list)