Welcome to Stable Investor – a resource that helps real people (like you and me) invest sensibly to achieve financial goals, get their personal finances in order, invest profitably in stocks and more importantly, use common sense to achieve what we want in life.

My name is Dev Ashish and I am a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (What & How can that Help You?).

Dev Ashish Stable Investor

I am also a private investor working towards my goal of financial independence.

I have been active in Indian stock markets for more than 15 years and I have to admit that Investing is my first second* love. 🙂

* I am married – so you know why I crossed the word ‘first’. Though my wife Aditi still doubts that. 😉 She is a Jewelry Designer and we both are working towards our financial independence (got some coverage in national newspapers for our journey here & here).

As a SEBI Registered fee-only Investment Advisor, I help people put their financial lives in order (how).

Prior to this, I have worked in the banking and energy sector in strategic roles for many years.

I have done MBA from NMIMS Mumbai, one of the premier business schools in India. But don’t worry… I will never preach the nonsense that MBA courses force you to believe in. My MBA has nothing to do with what I write here or what I have learned about investing. 🙂

Most of what I know today is a result of reading and investing for the last 15+ years. When this journey began, I focused primarily on dividend investing. It was (and still is) is my firm belief that when great John D. Rockefeller said “I have ways of making money that you know nothing of”, he was actually referring to dividends. But over the years, my investing framework has matured, and even though the portfolio now follows a Core-Satellite structure, which has a core of stable, safe, proven, financially sound, and boring businesses, and satellite part focuses more on growth investing.

If you want to know more about my investment philosophy, thought process, and other related stuff, then I will direct you to my interviews with WealthySafal Niveshak, and Stock&Ladder.

I am also an engineer and have worked for a few years in an oil company before realizing that finance was my calling. There are 17 more things that very few people know about me. I love traveling and it is a non-negotiable for me. I make it a point to travel to a new place atleast once every 6 months.

I also advise some large and small financial organizations (like AMCs, insurance companies, financial research organizations, Robo-advisories) in India & abroad.

But enough about me.

Why Stable Investor?

Stable Investor started in 2011. The site focuses on 3 simple aspects of the Long Term Wealth Creation Strategy – Investing, Personal Financial Planning & Common Sense.

Investing is my passion and that is what I have dedicated my life to. Also, given the current inflation scenario and the absence of any solid, pensionable government social security program, we just cannot ignore investing anymore.

I also have this firm belief that unless we are able to clean up our Personal Finances and put it on the right track, we never achieve our goal of Long-Term Wealth Creation. It is similar to trying to clean your family’s entire house but leaving out your own bedroom. It just cannot work!

As for Common Sense, it is the lubricant of the brain that helps in keeping a sensible head and forces us to keep our feet firmly on the ground. It is an absolute necessity.

How Can I Help You?

I offer professional fee-only Financial Planning services as a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (Reg. No. INA100005241)

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What this means is I can help put you onto a solid financial path that will help you achieve your financial goals, while enjoying life and not struggle with your finances. In a way, I will try to help improve your life in a small way.

Don’t Worry. If your finances are still not as you would like them to be.

Don’t worry if you still don’t understand where your money goes every month.

Don’t worry if you still don’t have any savings to show after years of work.

You are not too late. And you’re not alone. And there is now absolutely no point in blaming others or circumstances for your financial situation. Now is the time to simply act.

I believe in using simple yet powerful financial principles that are based on common sense and can change anyone’s financial life for the good.

And this is what I offer as my services. I work with a very limited number of clients. So if you need help figuring out your financial goals or financial planning, just the form below or send a mail to dev@stableinvestor.com. I will get back to you as soon as I can:

There’s a world of difference between good advice and advice that sounds good. And I try to offer you the former (good, sensible, and actionable financial guidance).

As for Stable Investor, there are 850+ articles on this website already. You can have a go at them one by one via the archives.

I hope you enjoy the site and visit frequently!

I work really hard to build this site into a resource that not only helps you invest better and upgrade your personal finances, but also helps you manage money in a way that allows you to live a life that you really want to live.

Thanks for reading this.

And it would be great to have you join me and 35,000+ active members in the Stable Investor Community.

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  1. Dear Dev,

    You have an awesome website. I have always stayed away from direct equity as I simply don't have the aptitude to understand businesses. Yours is the most inviting blog I have seen to make me want to learn.

    My earlier attempts have all failed. For eg. I tried through Vishals blog and stopped with his message: “pray,pray, pray”! Not bad advice I suppose!

    Looking forward to learn more from you.
    Best wishes,

  2. Great Work Guys. I wish you all the best with your project here. I started a similar community with focus on dividend stocks and it works really good.

  3. Hey Dev,

    I am really impressed with the amount of information that you have on your site. I appreciate the effort you guys are putting in. Which city are you located?

  4. Dear Dev,

    Excellent websites and very informative blogs (I guess I read most of your “personal favorites” & “must reads”).

    I have resisted investing in stocks for quite some time (about 6 years since I started earning!!) mainly due to my conservative approach towards investment and priority to pay off education loan. But, I realize that my all-time favourite investment tools (FDs, RDs) won't help me beat inflation and creat large corpus. Hence, off late I am testing waters to invest in stocks with long term view and your website provides lots of info for the same..Thanks.

    I would send you a seperate email regarding my queries about portfolio allocation for NRIs and Gold ETF.


  5. Thanks for your kind words Nirav. Glad that you like the content delivered by Stable Investor.

  6. This is an excellent site, Dev. I think I have gone back and read all the posts 1-2 years back. The thinking is very in line with what I would do – conservative mostly, opportunistically aggressive during bear markets.

    I will be a long term reader for sure. Sent an Linkedin invite.

  7. Hey Dev,

    1. My wife never invested in stocks… So i want to avail RGESS benefit for her this year… pls suggest how to go about it.

    2. can you give your views on NPS esp in the scenario that it may come into EEE status. also, suggest/ give your views on different fund managers in NPS.

  8. Dear Dev,
    I came upon your site accidentally and now i am a vivid reader of your site. I like the content as well as the advice you give, it is really insightful and gives you chance to question yourself regarding ones investment strategy…keep posting articles…

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