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Stable Investor is a website intended to share my opinions and not persuade you into making specific investments. Any historical data used is done for the sole purpose of using what has happened in the past to construct a framework for how to view the present situation and make informed decisions about the future.

The website has thousands of readers and I (frankly) do not know the risk profile or time horizon of each and every one. So any information or opinions contained on this website are not intended to constitute a specific recommendation to make an investment. In any case, Stable Investor or Dev Ashish will not be responsible in any way for the decisions that you make with your money.

Be sensible and invest your hard-earned money wisely, i.e. do your homework and make financial decisions based on your unique circumstances. Or seek professional advice from a trustworthy and capable investment advisor.

SEBI Registration Status: I am a registered Investment Advisor as per SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013 (Registration No. INA100005241) providing professional investment advisory services to fee-paying clients – details. There have been cases of imposters posing as RIAs. Please be careful. Read this detailed note (link) to protect yourself from being duped.

Emails: The website collects email addresses from willing readers to send updates/articles directly to them. But you can rest assured that I never share your personal details, including your email address, with anyone.

Links to Other Sites: At times, I share interesting data and opinions of others. They are sources of information but are not an endorsement of the opinions or advice of the other sites.

Advertising: At times and in past, there might be some ads/links placed on the website but these in no way constitute an endorsement of the products/services being advertised.

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