Difference between NPS Active & Auto Choice (Updated 2020-21)

As you already know, the National Pension System or NPS is designed to save for retirement by making a contribution during the work life. Though most people still don’t give retirement planning the importance it deserves (read why?), the government…

Tax Saving on Health Insurance (Section 80D) – Detailed Guide for FY 2018-19 AY 2019-20

Health insurance is like an umbrella - something that you don’t need every day; but once in a while when it rains, it really saves the day for you. On all other days, you won't miss it. But when it…

Section 80C and How Salaried Young Indians can Save Tax & Grow Rich?

In India, most investment decisions are taken keeping ‘tax-savings’ in mind. Saving taxes is important.. but it's not enough. I have myself realized this quite late (but luckily, not very late). No doubt you should try to maximize your tax…

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