Dev Ashish Retire at 40

Featured in Mumbai Mirror (for How to Retire at 40)

My wife and I got some coverage in Mumbai Mirror a few days back. The coverage was about people in India are working towards their Financial Independence (or Early Retirement) and trying to answer the question 🙂 How to Retire at 40? Here is the article: And…

Featured in Times of India (for Early Retirement)

My wife and I got some coverage in Times of India a few weeks back. The coverage was mainly about how some Indians are working towards their Financial Independence (or let’s say Early Retirement). Here is the article: After the article…

SEBI Mutual Fund Categorization & Rationalization – Making Sense of it for Long Term Investors

If you are an existing mutual fund investor, you would already be aware that a lot of mutual funds schemes are being renamed, recategorised, merged or getting their mandates (investment objectives) changed. Technically, this is being referred to as 'Categorization…

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