Covid-19 & Me: Update

For the last few weeks, I have been down with Covid19 and its after-effects. Different people have different experiences. Some sail through easily. Others don’t. I don’t know how to put a scale to my experience, but it wasn’t easy.

I live in a joint family and we all came out positive together. And with elders in the family, it wasn’t easy to manage given the nature of the virus and its effect on elders. Managing medicines, food, doctor consultations, Spo2 and temperature tracking, weakness, tons of blood tests, CT scans, oxygen cylinders, concentrators, etc. Sadly, we lost a family member. And a few very close relatives in our city as well. It was tough.

I can go on with my experience but I don’t want to spread any more negativity than what’s already around. Just wanted to update about my absence as I got several mails, messages from many of you (thanks for checking in on me).

The rest of us are now recovering, gradually. And hope things normalize for us soon. I also pray that all of you reading this stay safe and if infected, recover well and fully.

I am gradually beginning to work again. So hopefully will begin regular posting in a few days’ time. But few things I want to mention from my experience:

  • I have said this often but now my conviction has gone up manifold. Have an emergency fund. Always. A health crisis like this one makes you realize this. People think having health insurance is sufficient. It’s not if there is no hospitalization (due to lack of beds or otherwise) and you have to spend a bomb even in-home treatment. Having a financial cushion helps. More so if you have many members in the family dealing with a crisis simultaneously.
  • Always keep some cash at hand. Cards, net banking, UPI may or may not work at all times due to technical issues or in case of infrastructural overload due to large-scale public crisis like this 2nd wave of this virus.
  • You may create all plans in your head about how to manage a crisis. But as they say, ‘everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.’ So in a crisis, keep your hopes high. Have faith. Take one-day-at-a-time. Or just a few hours at a time, to manage things if they seem overwhelming.
  • Help others. Generously during these times. I am doing what I can because I have experienced firsthand what it means to handle such an all-encompassing problem. And even if it means delaying some financial goals that I cherish, then that’s ok. This is a once-in-a-century crisis. And it’s an opportunity for all of us to help like never before. If you have the means, then help. Don’t keep discussing the problems, blaming others and forwarding messages. Help others genuinely.
  • Money, power, network is good to have. But this time it became evident that at times, it may not be enough. You can’t control all variables.
  • Work on your health. This needs no further explanation I am sure most people will realize now.

That’s all. Please stay safe. Get vaccinated.

PS – Many of you have mailed me. I am sorry I haven’t been able to reply. I will revert to all in the coming days.


  1. Sorry to know about your loss. My prayers and condolences. Stay strong. We will overcome this difficult times.

  2. Great to know that you are out of this virus. Stay blessed with good health. Really appreciate your thought process and keep inspiring all
    Good day !
    Manas Sahoo

  3. Good to know that you have recovered . My condolences on the Loss of a family member.
    You have given excellent tips in this crisis hour. God bless you and all your family members

  4. Hey Dev,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I also went through same experience and had similar learning.

    Things like emergency fund, cushion etc was severely tested this time, and some of those fail-safes did not work and had to depend on parents money to come through.

    All the best for future, and keep sharing.

  5. Sorry to hear about infection. Great to know that you were able to beat the virus. The other lesson we learnt is that at any point of time, we should be able to do basic household chores and cook some food ourselves without dependency on maid/spouse/or any other family members.

  6. Condolences on the loss of your family member and close relatives. Stay strong – this too shall pass!

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