Fee Only Financial Planner in India (Updated 2023)

Did you land on this page searching for Fee Only Financial Planners in India?

Then one thing is very clear – you already know Fee Only Financial Planner or Fee Only SEBI-registered Investment Advisor is the best option when it comes to taking financial advice in India

Now let me tell something upfront. I, Dev Ashish is a Fee-Only SEBI-registered Investment Advisor (SEBI RIA) and Finance Planner.

But irrespective of whether you make me or somebody else as your financial advisor, please do understand that it is in your best interest to take financial advice only from Fee-Only SEBI-registered Investment Advisors.

And I don’t want to get into the debate of who is the best Fee Only Financial Planner or the Best Fee Only Investment Advisor in India. Because what is best for someone may not be best suited for someone else. I have written about it here at Best SEBI Registered Investment Advisor – How to Find?

But first and if you have doubts, then understand the who exactly is a fee only financial planner and what is the difference between Fee-Only Financial Planners and Fee-Based Financial Planners?

As the name suggests, a Fee-Only Financial Planner charges a fee from clients for making financial plan and providing investment advisory to them. He does not receive any kind of commissions/incentives from mutual fund houses, insurance companies or any other financial company. Fee-only financial advisors only earn money through the fees  their clients pay.

And since he is in no way associated (or dependent for income) on Mutual Fund Companies, Insurance Companies, etc. you can be sure that the advice is conflict-free and unbiased.

On the other hand are those self-proclaimed financial advisors who in reality, are just sales-driven bank relationship managers, mutual fund distributors and insurance agents. They may seem to offer free financial advice. But fact is that they receive commissions from mutual fund houses and insurance companies to sell their products. And when you work with such fee-based planners, you can be sure that their fee advice is tailored to push their products mindlessly without trying to understand the client’s real financial requirements. The commission income of MF distributors and Agents get leads to an obvious conflict of interest. These people will always push products that earn them the best commissions.

And to give you a taste of how comprehensive a proper Fee-Only Financial Planning engagement can be and how much better it is from the free advice you get often, I suggest you do check Stable Investor’s Financial Planning Service.

You will be surprised to see how creating a proper Financial Plan can really sort out your financial life and help achieve some real financial goals that matter to you.

Not everybody needs a Financial Planner. But if you do need one, then I suggest you work only with SEBI Registered Investment Adviser (SEBI RIA). And be reminded that a Fee Only Financial Planner or a Fee Only Investment Advisor is better for you. Don’t get tempted by so-called free (wrong and biased) advice given by the Bank Managers, Mutual Fund Agents or Insurance Agents.

Are you looking for a List of Fee-only Financial Planners in India? Or are you looking for:

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Then you can contact Dev Ashish, who is a SEBI Registered Fee Only Investment Advisor and Financial Planner who works with clients from across India. Due to the use of Technology (online and telephonic), distances are no longer a barrier. Investment Advisory and Financial Planning can easily be delivered online. So if you want to really take control of your finances, maybe its time to contact me.

And let me remind you. Or rather ask you.

Do you really understand why you should not take free advice from Banks, Mutual Fund or Insurance agents?

Because they are just product sellers who want to earn the highest possible commissions. So they will sell you the product which gives them achieve their sales targets and help them earn the highest possible commission irrespective of whether the product suits you or not. For example – If they have two products A (gives 1.5% commission) and B (gives only 0.5% commission), then you can be sure that they will convince you to buy A – as it gives more commission. And that is even if they know (and chose not to tell) that B is better suited for you. It is for this reason that there are so many cases of misselling.

Another important aspect is that if you take random so-called advice from bank RMs, MF agents and Insurance agents, your portfolio will be scattered and directionless. And that does not help you. At the end of the day, you want your money to help you achieve your financial goals. Plain and simple. Right? And that is what Goal-based Investing is all about.

The MF Agents, Banks RMs and Insurance Agents all give biased advice in their fields (and concerning only the products they are selling). But once you take proper advice from Fee-Only Financial Planner, he will help you see the big picture of your overall financial life and help fit all the pieces of the financial jigsaw puzzle.

Finding an investment advisor or financial who acts in your best interests is really important for you.

Dev Ashish is a ‘Fee-Only’ SEBI Registered Investment Advisor and Financial Planner. Dev or StableInvestor.com only gets paid by the client and there are no hidden commissions or sales incentives to influence investment recommendations and financial plan. So if you decide to engage for:

then you can be sure that you will get the proper advice that is best and customized for your unique financial situation and more importantly, unbiased and conflict-free (as there are no commissions or sales incentives) and most importantly, tailored to help you achieve your real financial goals.

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