Nifty Monthly Returns (updated 2017)

Updated – Nifty monthly returns data updated till October 2017.

Many people want to know the monthly returns generated by stock markets. Though these monthly returns don’t matter much to the long-term investors, it still makes for an interesting data point. Just like annual Nifty return numbers.

So if you too wish to know more about the Nifty monthly returns and how it compares with historical monthly returns data, then this post will be of interest to you.

Using publically available index data of Nifty returns since inception, you can easily find out historical monthly returns of Nifty. So below is a color-coded heat map based on Nifty’s monthly historical index data:


Nifty Monthly Returns Historical Data

nifty monthly returns

So that was about returns generated by Nifty in each calendar month since 1990. But should you really care about monthly returns of the indices?

Index performance is something that many people use to know how to compare their own performances with index returns. And no doubt it’s interesting. But I think that people who are not involved in the day-to-day market movements are better off managing their money by targeting their real life financial goals and investing regularly. Keeping track of annual Nifty returns is still fine. But monthly tracking may not be of much help for most people.

But nevertheless, some people love to know things. 🙂

And just to complete the data set, I have also calculated rolling quarterly, half yearly and annual returns for Nifty too:

Nifty Quarterly Returns Historical Data

Nifty Historical Quarterly Returns

Nifty Half Yearly Returns Historical Data

Nifty Half Yearly Returns

Nifty Yearly Returns Historical Data

Nifty Annual Yearly Returns

If you are more interested in Annual or yearly returns of Nifty 50, or Nifty’s performance in last 5 years or Nifty’s performance in last 10 years, then please check this post on Nifty Annual Returns.

Note – I will be updating this Nifty monthly returns post every few months.


  1. Thanks for the data sets..The most important data here is the yearly rolling returns and it would a glimpse of what happens to your investments when the returns for the previous year are positive or negative

  2. Hi Dev,

    it will be interesting to see what the nifty does after reaching lifetime high for the particular data point in that year..what follows after there a pattern…maybe it will help us analyse our current situation when nifty reached lifetime high recently..thanks

    1. Hi Sanjay. I have made a note of your suggestion. Will try to do some number crunching and share in near future. Thanks

  3. I already moved 100% of my money out of the Equity market back in May and I won’t reinvest unless we see a healthy correction. We are trading at all time highs right now and the last few months have given negative returns as expected. The stock market moves slowly, so I expect this overbought situation to continue for many more months but it’s bound to correct at some point.

  4. great job brother, the above data is really useful specially if you are dealing in options. god bless u

    1. Very much appreciate the data provided above on this blog. Mr.Mukherjee, Don’t mind, but could you elaborate just briefly how best to use the above data for option trading? I am always trying to learn from experienced people. Many thanks in advance for the same. If you do not wish to write about it here, you could email me

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