(Quoted: Morningstar) How Advisers navigate the Debt Funds space?

I recently got quoted a few times in Morningstar’s coverage of how leading advisors are navigating the debt fund space. The context is the current on-going turmoil in the debt fund space.

If you wish to know my thoughts on Debt Funds, then here is the link to the article:

Morningstar.in – How advisers are navigating the debt funds space?


Or if you wish to read it quickly here itself, then here are few screenshots of my quotes below:

Morningstar Dev Ashish Debt Funds 1

Morningstar Dev Ashish Debt Funds 2

Morningstar Dev Ashish Debt Funds 3

Sometime back, Morningstar had interviewed me. So if you wish to read that, then here is the link: Morningstar Interview Dev Ashish Stable Investor

And with regards to the debt funds, I plan to share more detailed thoughts in a day or two. So bear with me for this time.

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  1. Every keeps saying that “Credit Risk” funds were mis-sold. But with the word ‘risk’ embedded in the name, it’s a no-brainer to stay away such funds. So how can they be mis-sold?

    The larger question is why funds with words like ‘treasury advantage’ or ‘ultra short duration’ or ‘accrual’ etc., were being run like credit risk funds?

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