Stable Investor Mid-Monthly August 2016

Stable Investor Mid-Monthly August 2016

This is the third edition of Stable Investor’s Mid Monthly. Little late in posting this as was on a road trip. Couldn’t stop myself from utilizing the extended Independence Day weekend. 🙂

Great Stuff Elsewhere

A logical compilation of investing rules – to help you maximize money per hour of research done.

I have always been intrigued by the flexibility that Chit Funds offer – being able to be a saving instrument and double as a lending instrument. So inspite of the suspicion and regular bad press these instruments get, it makes sense to know how these actually work. Here is a good article to start with.

I face trouble being productive. For example – at times I get overwhelmed with the number and variety of tasks I have. Ofcourse there is no one formula to become highly productive. But this little productivity tip of a Zen teacher is something that actually seems to be working for me. You should give it a try too.

Urgent personal finance advice by Seth Godin.

If you don’t follow through on what you set out to do, then you are suffering from Akrasia – a state of acting against your better judgment. Here is some help / cure for this extremely common ‘disease’ 🙂


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This one was a stunner. In just one 387-word paragraph, the author puts in (almost) every life tip out there!

India celebrated its 70th Independence Day. When are you going to celebrate your own independence day?

Creating wealth is not tough. Really. Don’t believe me? Read these 19 Simple ideas on Wealth Creation and you will understand why.


From the Archives

Do you like visiting graveyards? You should atleast visit this one.

Repeat after me…Remember God in good times and Equities in bad times.

You + 9 Principles of Anti-Fragility = Rich?


A Random Thought

As mentioned earlier, I returned from a road-trip just 2 days back.

During the return leg of the journey and about 200 kms from our hometown, my friend remarked:

“The highways (for next 200kms) are in good condition and we would be passing through low traffic areas. I think we can cover the distance in about 2 hours.”

But in reality, it took us 4 hours.


It started raining heavily – due to which, we couldn’t drive fast enough to cover 200 kms in 2 hours. That was not all. We also had to deal with unexpected traffic at few places.

Now… nothing rare about this.

But I could clearly draw out similarities between this and how our investments pan out.

We think equities will give 12% plus returns throughout – like a bond. But what happens is not smooth – its more like +15%, -10%, -5%, +30% and so on.

Then we assume we won’t need money between today and the goal-day. But we end up withdrawing money due to unexpected reasons.

So things never go according to our plan or assumptions. We need to build buffers to handle unexpected events – like having low return expectations, high inflation expectations, emergency fund, etc.

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