Stable Investor Mid-Monthly July 2016

Mid Monthly July 2016

This is the second edition of Stable Investor’s Mid Monthly.

Great Stuff Elsewhere

If you are not living in a cave, then you would already know who Elon Musk is. Few days back, he tweeted:

The first part was published almost a decade ago – in a Tesla blog post. And from what he has achieved after that, I am quite eager to know what’s in store in Part 2 of the plan.

By the way, if you don’t know who he is, I suggest you read the wiki entry, read these 12 things, watch* this video (to know what he is capable off) and if you get time, read this awesome book about him.

*Don’t miss the video. Its 45 minutes long and if you don’t have the time now, bookmark it for later.

I remember that when I joined my first job, my first boss made it his mission (thankfully) to make me understand the difference between the urgent and the important. And that still remains one of the most important thing I have learnt till date. Now when I read this post by Seth Godin highlighting the same difference between the urgent and the important, I couldn’t stop myself from sharing it here.

Making more money is great, let’s be honest. But the thing that actually results in financial independence is something else. And maybe its the only thing that really matters.

Simple yet important lessons to learn about scorecards, investing and friends from Warren Buffett’s only authorized biography, The Snowball.

In Last 30 days on Stable Investor

Sometimes, just few words are good enough to send across a strong message. These 6 words by RBI Governor can bring order to your personal financial life.

Keeping track of 52-week highs and lows of the stocks in your watchlist can be quite profitable. See it for yourself here.

Is it possible that investing for just 10 years can have the same (or even better) result than investing for 30 years?

From the Archives

Only 98 words that you need to understand to become a successful investor.

You have already heard that stock markets can make you rich. Here is a stunning example of how it can actually improve your lifestyle.

Few years back, Safal Niveshak interviewed me. If you have recently started following my writings, then it might be of interest to you. (This interview took place in 2013. So its possible that few things that I would have said then might not be valid now).

A Random Thought

Here is a small story about a kid, his father and a paper kite:

(Taken from You Can Win)

A boy was flying a kite with his father and asked him what kept the kite up.

Dad replied, “The string.”

The boy said, “Dad, it is the string that is holding the kite down.”

The father asked his son to watch as he broke the string.

Guess what happened to the kite? It came down.

Isn’t that true in life?

Sometimes the very things that we think are holding us down are the things that are helping us fly.

Think about it.

Note – You can read the first edition of Mid Monthly here.

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