Stable Investor Mid-Monthly September 2016

monthly newsletter september 2016

This is the fourth edition of Stable Investor’s Mid Monthly.

Great Stuff Elsewhere

Leave everything and read this article by James Clear first (yes…its that good). You already know that achieving your goals is tough. This article has an alternative approach to help you achieve what you really want.

Another solid article to help you do exactly what the title says – How to scale yourself and get more done than you thought possible?

Note – If you don’t have time, do bookmark the above 2 articles for later reading. You will thank me when you have read and understood the importance of both 🙂

Stressed Out? Don’t worry. You will be Ok.

Bill Gates talks about his 25 Year old friendship with Warren Buffett.

A tale of 2 Annual Letters – A nice comparison of letters written by Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett

Do you need a checklist for investing? Here is a 9-point checklist for value investors.


In Last 30 days on Stable Investor

As Indian markets continue their upward journey, the valuations seem to be getting out of hand. The reason is absence of earnings growth, which many expect is just round the corner. Surprisingly, just a day after I wrote Are Indian Stock Markets Overvalued, the markets corrected a little more than what people were comfortable with. 😉

‘The goal isn’t to become the richest family in town. Rather, the goal is to have enough to lead the life we want. If this makes sense to you then you will enjoy reading this interview of a person, who has written 1008+ personal finance articles for Wall Street Journal.

PPF is one of the most popular tax saving option for Indians. So, I decided to do an analysis of historical PPF rate changes and how things might change in future. If you invest in PPF, you might want to read this one.

Making your money work for you is easier said than done. But you have to start somewhere if you want to achieve financial freedom someday. thought that I deserved to be interviewed. Here is the transcript of the interview – if you are interested.


From the Archives

5 / 25 – How this simple rule can sort your life out!

Tired of spending money on repeated purchases (of certain items like TV, etc.)? Here is a Cheat sheet for automatically saving for Future Repeat Purchases.

To pay off your loans or to invest is the question.

Do you invest in mutual funds and think that principles of value investing are only applicable to stocks and not mutual funds? Here is how you can become a Value Investor even when investing in mutual funds.

If you have to choose just one investment book to read in your entire life, then it has to be Intelligent Investor. Here are 37 remarkable quotes from this book.


Books I Read (or Re-Read) Recently

  1. Zero To One
  2. My Gita
  3. Thinking Fast & Slow 


A Random Thought

At the start of 2016, a good friend of mine set himself a target – to read a new book every week of 2016. So that meant that by the end of this year, he would have read 52 books!

Initially, I also wanted to participate in that challenge. After all, I love reading and have always had trouble finding time to read. So this challenge was a good excuse to read a lot of books.

But I decided against following such a strict regime (even though somewhere inside me, I wanted to do it).

I love reading. And its not just about becoming wiser or more knowledgeable. Its also about – just reading. It gives me immense pleasure to sit down, relax and just read. I don’t rush while reading. I am no speed-reader. By putting pressure on myself to read 52 books a year, I would have converted reading into a chore – which would have been really sad.

So ofcourse, I have read much fewer books this year than I would have read had I stuck to one-book-a-week plan. But I would rather read few books slowly than rush through many books. Its about the choice. And this is what I prefer.

But having said that, some kind of compulsion is necessary to build a habit. Instead of 1 book a week, maybe doing 25 pages a day is more workable.

I don’t know what routine suits me. Sometimes I don’t read for weeks. At other times, I can devour 3-4 books in a week. May be, I should just read as and when I can. I am sure I will still be alive and doing just fine. 🙂

Note – You can read the third edition of Mid Monthly here.

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