Updated List of REITs in India (2023)

If you are looking for a list of REIT stocks in India (2023), then you are in the right place.

The REIT market in India (2023) is a nascent one. REITs are like mutual funds that invest in a portfolio of real estate assets to generate regular rental income and capital appreciation.

Structurally, REITs are hybrid instruments with characteristics of both debt and equity. It is debt (bond) Debt because it is mandatory for REITs to distribute 90% of their net distributable income. It is equity because it is listed on exchanges and can be traded as stock and its price may also depend on demand-supply, the market’s perception, etc. To understand more, read Should I invest in REITs?

How Many REITs are there in India?

If you were to ask this question about which are the Listed REITs in India (2023), then the answer is that currently, India only has 3 listed REITs. And these are –

  1. Embassy Office Parks REIT,
  2. Mindspace Business Parks REIT,
  3. Brookfield India REIT

So that is your latest and most current list of REITs in India or the Top REIT stocks of India.

For more details on the IPO of REITs in India, do check this NSE link. And if you check the regulator’s website for SEBI-approved REITs in India, then you will see 4 names. This means that while the choice is limited now, we may soon see more upcoming REITs in India in the very near future.

If you think about it then REITs are a way to fractionally own real estate that allows small investors to invest in commercial realty that is mostly unavailable and unaffordable to them. Also read, about fractional ownership of real estate in India.

How to invest in REITs in India?

Just like you do in stocks. You can buy units of REITs just like you buy shares through regular trading accounts on exchanges of NSE and BSE. So you can buy REIT stocks in India, that is namely Mindspace REIT, Brookfield India REIT, Embassy REIT and all other upcoming REITs in India in near future by simply using your Demat account.

And you never know, once there are more REITs available in India, we might see mutual funds that invest specifically in REITs and Invits then. That will then give investors an easy way to diversify across REITs and INVITs.

So that was about the list of REIT stocks in India (2023).

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