Money We Have Vs. Time We Have

Money vs Time

A member of our extended family expired sometime back.

He was financially savvy and did everything right (as far as my understanding about managing money is there). Saved a lot… to an extent that it seemed a little too much.

But then, having accumulated almost all the money that he would ever need… he left. Suddenly and without any warning and at a fairly young age.

It was sad.

This highlights one thing:

We always know how much money we have.

But we never know how much time we have.

Read that again.

It’s important.

As an advisor, its my duty to help people save and invest well. But people should realize that money alone is not everything. If you keep strangulating yourself and save and build assets so that ‘one day’ you would do anything you want, then its possible that ‘that particular one day’ might never come for you.

So find the balance.

And remember: Many may not have that much time left that they think they have.

Do what is necessary. Letting life slip away is not what should be allowed.


  1. Absolutely true. The need for money, invariably, is overestimated. Good old saying – if you have capable progeny then why save and if you have foolish progeny then why save.

  2. absolutely agree . However i think there are more people today especially in the too young to die age who pass way without enough money and this is a bigger problem for dependents .

  3. Good article. I like how you don’t just focus on financial aspect, but also make us realize about the bigger picture in life. What use are the assets we work for if we don’t live a fulfilling life?

  4. well said dev. this one statement reminds me that i should find balance in everything not just money making , earning investing. once in a while i should take time to think and give back to my parents, society and local temple..
    Please write more article on how to spend wisely and how to find balance in work life

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