Stable Investor Mid-Monthly December 2016

This is the sixth edition of Stable Investor’s Mid Monthly.

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The richest man ever rarely spoke and deliberately made himself inaccessible. Why? Because he wanted to listen to himself. He wanted to think – about things that mattered. Einstein too had similar thoughts when he said – “I take time to go for long walks on the beach so that I can listen to what is going on inside my head.” So we should respect the fact that what actually produces good work can at first look lazy (and often waste of time from other’s perspective).

Are you worried about your stock portfolio’s performance? You are not alone and ofcourse the performance of your investments matter. But most people fail to realize that putting their personal finances in order is more important than worrying about their stock portfolio. These 20 Rules of Personal Finance are a good starting point for you to begin thinking about your personal finances.

Best Investment Writing of 2016 – worth bookmarking and reading in your free time.

When we plan our investments or personal finances, we try to be as accurate as possible while calculating monthly investment requirements, correct insurance amount, target corpus for financial goals and what now. But instead of worrying about getting the 2nd or even 3rd decimal point right, it is far more important that your directional decisions are correct. There is no point worrying too much about whether 65% or 70% of your portfolio should be in stocks. Both are almost fine. What matters is getting the decisions broadly correct. Like being in equity (and not debt) for goals that are decades away.

Bill Gates. You know him. Right? He tells about the best books he read in 2016. Here is another list of good books to read.

*At times, I feel there is not enough time to read as much as I want. Then I realize that I myself am to blame for not reading enough. Everybody has 24 hours. 😉

We remember Genghis Khan as a negative historical figure. Blood thirsty, terrorizing, plunderer. But this perceived barbarian was one of the greatest military minds ever. And that was because he was more open to learning than any other conqueror has ever been.

Insanely Productive + Happy + Balanced –> Isn’t this what we want to achieve with ourselves. Its not easy though. But remember that achieving these three doesn’t mean doing more work (in limited time) and being ‘ON’ 24×7. Its about getting the big things right and not vice versa (getting small things right and big things wrong). Its also about being ‘unreachable’ at times. Here are 33 ways to remember that we are human being and not human doing.

In Last 30 days on Stable Investor

I could not write much in last 30 days. Was on a mini-vacation with family. Here is the one post I wrote in celebration of completing 5 years of Stable Investor.

And the usual – Detailed analysis of the actual state of Indian stock markets – at the end of November 2016 – can be found here.

From the Archives

Many people believe that you cannot make money in large cap stocks. I think they are idiots. 😉

Should you invest in Real Estate or Mutual funds? Though there is no one correct answer, this detailed analysis might help you think rationally.

When it comes to successful investing, being sensible without getting over ambitious is enough.

Will RBI’s rate cuts or US Fed’s rate hikes impact you? Should you even be bothered about these events beyond a point? The answer.

Books I Read (or Re-Read) Recently

  1. God’s Debris
  2. The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon
  3. Good to Great

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