Boring Tuesdays – Three Things to Read Today – 8

Hi Friends
I haven’t been regular with this Boring Tuesdays series. 🙁 And the reason for same has been a lot of travelling which I have been doing for past few weeks. I am kind of shifting/shifted to a new location and hence the lack of posts. But hopefully, will be able to give more time to blog going forward…
As usual, I share with you three very interesting things to read today…
Article 1
The Letter of the Year is out. Everybody is reading it. Though I don’t know if everybody really understands it or not. 🙂 Even I am reading it. Thought I am yet to read it completely. But its a must read and you should not miss it. Oh..I forgot to mention about what exactly am I talking about. I am referring to Warren Buffett’s Annual Letter to Shareholder, which was released on 28-Feb-2015.

Article 2
Staying on course with Mr. Buffett, here is an interesting list of 8 Unusual Things About Warren Buffett by James Altucher. Though I knew a few of them myself, rest were quite new for me too.
Article 3
We always crib about how to track our income and expenses. At times we use excel sheets, online trackers, and I don’t know what. But here is a simple and I must say, very effective way to Track your Income & Expenses without Sweating it out. Do read it.
That’s all guys…
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  1. I want too plan my retirement through systemic withdrawal plan from a mutual fund account.How can I find out the amount remaining in the mutual fund, If I had invested Rs ten lacs five years back and started making monthly withdrawals of Rs 5000 thereafter ?I have found tools for SIP but not for systemic withdrawal.

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