Money Saving Tip # 3 – Not For Those Who Are Married

In continuation of Money Saving Tip series, here is another uncommon way to save your money.

Please note: If you are married, please ignore this post. 😉

Warren Buffett was once asked about the secret of living a successful life. He answered in just two words. And surprisingly, his answer had nothing to do with saving or investing.

He said:
Warren Buffett Marriage Advise
I would extend his answer & use it as the new money saving tip.

Please note that this tip is only for those who are unmarried, or those who are planning to get unmarried 😉

If you are one of those who have some serious trouble saving money; or among those who run out of cash at every month end; or don’t know where your money goes, then this tip is for you.

So, here it goes…

Find a life partner who is frugal* and has a great financial mind.

* Frugal means one who spends wisely or does not spend unless absolutely necessary. Frugal does not mean miser.

The benefits are obvious.

If you are deep in debt, then your partner will help you get out of it. If you have a habit of spending excessively, then they can help you in not doing so. If you do not know how to save your money, then they can tell you how to do it.

You might think that this post is written without any seriousness. But I have seen guys earning less than Rs 20,000 a month and buying exorbitantly prices smartphones worth Rs 50,000 by taking personal loans or credit card debts, which charge interests ranging from 15% to 30%. There is no doubt that these guys are walking on very clear path of financial disaster. And just imagine if such a guy marries a girl who has similar spending patterns. A tale full of financial horror.

I leave it for you to decide whether this tip is to be taken as a joke or not. But if you are thinking about the strangeness of this tip, I would recommend you read previous ones too. Those are much stranger and give you evil ideas to reduce your phone bills  and also tell you how to save money by switching off your television!!



  1. This is hilarious indeed. If he himself is a big spender and asking wife to be frugal for better financial living is a horrible idea indeed. Wife to be frugal advise is applicable in US contest for celebraties and sports persons.

    I did not see a single case in India where wife spending has led to bankruptcy in a family. It is an other matter that wealth was squandered by husband through addiction to bad habits, fraud, speculation and gambling.

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