Money Saving Tip # 2 : Turn Off Your Television!!

Last week, I started sharing my money saving tips with you all. And though it could be termed as EVIL, some of you did like the post on how to reduce your phone bills. 🙂

So continuing with where I left, in this post, I will share another strange way to save lots of money. And that is to Switch Off your Television!

Yes. You read it correctly. 

You can save lots of money by switching off your television. And I am not even talking about the resulting reduction in your electricity and Cable bills. Believe me… even if you cannot just switch off your television, your financial life would benefit immensely if you reduced the number of hours you spend in front of your television.

But apart from the obvious benefits of bill reductions, there is another BIG indirect benefit of this. If you do not watch television, you are far less exposed to all kinds of advertisements (ads). These ads generally create a very glamorous and luxurious image of life, which may be a little beyond one’s financial capabilities. And when viewers watch such ads, it is possible that it would create negative ‘guilt’ related feelings. And we very well know what happens when we feel guilty. Our measurement of self worth keeps going down and down…and down.

Broken Television Save Money
A Broken Television – Short Term Loss. But Long Term Gain.

So put an end to reduce your television viewing and see your bank balance going up in due course of time. 🙂 What do you think? Would you reduce your TV viewing going forward? Or will you continue to be influenced by these television commercials?



  1. Loving your post. when we last time moved our home we decided not to keep television. its 7 years and we have done it without it.
    your observation is spot on. we not only saved money on cable and electricity we still survive with pretty much basic stuff and our friends keep telling us about fancy stuff out there in the market.
    if anyone wish to give it a try i am sure this is sure shot successful idea to save some money and time.

  2. Hi Dev,

    I concur with your opinions. Just as TV ads can influence one to make useless purchases, I feel that excessive usage of social media can also have negative financial consequences.

    Consider this: Within 100-200 friends, at any given point in time, someone would be on a vacation, purchasing a new car, at an expensive restaurant or buying a new gadget. When all this is posted on social media, it will surely create the “negative ‘guilt’ related feelings” that you have referred to. All these are stimulants to impulsive behavior.

    Please share your thoughts on the same.

    A fellow Stable Investor

  3. Hi Fellow Stable Investor

    You have rightly extended the concept of switching off the television to logging off from social media. No matter how much we deny that such 'negative guilt' feelings will not crop up, it is bound to come into existence because we are humans.

    I like your user name 🙂

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