Bitcoin-Ethereum Ratio and When Will ‘Flippening’ Happen?

When you compare Bitcoin Vs Ethereum, you are bound to come across the term Flippening.

What is FLIPPENING in the context of Bitcoin and Ethereum (BTC Vs ETH)?

FLIPPENING is a term used to describe the possibility of Ethereum’s market-cap taking over that of Bitcoin’s. So what is the current status of the market caps of both the cryptos?

As of 23rd June 2021, BTC and ETH have market caps of $650 Billion and $236 Billion respectively. So, Bitcoin’s market cap is 2.75 times that of Ethereum.

Bitcoin Ethereum Dominance Market cap

And how has this ratio been in past?

Have a look at the historical market cap percentage of Bitcoin and Ethereum as % of total crypto market size:

Bitcoin Market Cap History Dominance

Before 2017, Bitcoin was almost 85-90% of the entire crypto market. As of now, it’s around 45%. And things began to change post-2017 when there was a boom in the cryptocurrency markets and several Altcoins started to gain traction. Ethereum was launched in 2015 and as of now, is the crypto with the 2nd largest market cap.

By the way, Flippening is not limited to market cap alone. There are various sites that track other Flippening parameters (BTC Vs ETH) like BTC Vs ETH Active Addresses Flippening, BTC Vs ETH Transaction Count Flippening, BTC Vs ETH Transactions Volume Flippening, BTC Vs ETH Trading Volume Flippening, BTC Vs ETH Total Transaction Fees Flippening, BTC Vs ETH Node Count Flippening and even BTC Vs ETH Google Search Interest Flippening!

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So when could Ethereum “flip” Bitcoin and become the largest cryptocurrency by market cap?

  • Will Ether Bitcoin Flippening happen in 2021?
  • Will Ether Bitcoin Flippening happen in 2022?
  • Will Ether Bitcoin Flippening happen in 2023?
  • Will Ether Bitcoin Flippening happen in 2024?
  • Will Ether Bitcoin Flippening happen in 2025?
  • Will Ether Bitcoin Flippening happen in 2026?
  • Will Ether Bitcoin Flippening happen in 2027?
  • Will Ether Bitcoin Flippening happen in 2028?
  • Will Ether Bitcoin Flippening happen in 2029?
  • Will Ether Bitcoin Flippening happen in 2030?

Some think the Flippening will never happen.

Some think it’s possible. In a few years

Some think it’s just inevitable. It’s a given.

The main thesis for Bitcoin is it becoming “Digital Gold” or as called the New Gold 2.0. On the other hand, Ethereum is about building a smart contract platform that many other protocols and cryptocurrencies can be built upon.

So Flippening may happen not because BTC is better than ETH, but because Ethereum and its use cases address a larger Total Addressable Market (TAM) than Bitcoin. There are different that can be used by smart investors to use Bitcoin in Investment Portfolio.

I read somewhere that Bitcoin is like an Excel spreadsheet while Ethereum has the ability to do the same and beyond. That is Ethereum is like Excel with macros built-in.

I personally feel that “Flippening” isn’t exactly very relevant and it’s just a narrative that has caught up with people. Ether has more use cases than Bitcoin no doubt. But both Bitcoin and Ethereum are solving two different problems, so thinking if Bitcoin is better than Ethereum or vice versa is not required.

So when will Flippening happen?

Given the different number of coins in circulation, the Flippening requires ETH/BTC Price Ratio to reach 0.177.

And do you know there is a lesser-known concept of Billionaire Flippening? In a post by Balaji Srinivasan (link), he talks about at what Bitcoin price will half of the world’s billionaires will come from crypto. The answer is that when BTC reaches $200,000 as per rough approximates, then Billionaire Flippening will happen. Or Bitcoin price range of $100K to $1 Million is the right range for when the billionaire Flippening happens, though you might argue for the upper end of that range.

As an investor looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, you might take a bet on both instead of just one. Bitcoin is the king of this space. And Ether is trying hard to dethrone the king. But both can do very well in the long term. So when exploring altcoins to invest in, you can eventually decide How to split portfolio between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

So that was about the possibility of Ethereum taking over Bitcoin and as they call it, Flippening happening in years to come.

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