Sensex at 50,000: How to manage long-term investments? (My Moneycontrol Column)

The Sensex has been flirting with the psychological level of 50,000 for some time now and has been quite volatile in recent weeks. Even though 50,000 is just a number, the fact that the market is up 100% since  March 2020 lows is remarkable because of the ferocity of the recovery.

Few days back, a column I wrote on this subject was published on MoneyControl.

If you are interested in knowing how to manage your long-term portfolio as Sensex crosses 50K or 50,000, then do read the article linked below:

Sensex at 50,000: How to manage long-term investments (my article on

That’s it.

For most investors, instead of worrying about market levels, it rather makes sense to invest in a well-planned manner via the goal-based investing approach.

To get yourself a well-thought-through detailed goal-oriented financial plan, that tackles all goals like children’s education, retirement, house purchase, travelling, etc., you can consider getting yourself Stable Financial Planning Service. If you are interested, then head to this page for smart Financial Planning Service. You will increase the probability of achieving your goals on time without taking unnecessary stress.

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