(Quoted: Hindustan Times) Emergency & Contingency Funds

I recently got quoted in the national daily paper Hindustan Times. It was for their coverage about how people should refocus on having their contingency (emergency) funds in order. During normal times, people gradually start forgetting about such buffers. But 2020 and what has happened in this year as brought back the focus on having such emergency funds in place.

You can check the quote and the full article at this link.

Als read a detailed post on how to create an emergency fund.

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  1. Hi Dev, I read your article on Emergency fund and would like to share my thoughts…

    Emergency is an emergency and it can occur in any form and so the availability of money in no time. I would prefer sweep in FD’s and savings account rather than holding it in ultra low duration especially after the Franklin debt funds fiasco.
    If it were to be placed in debt funds, my suggestion would be to keep it liquid funds that invests only in SOV category as one should not be looking for higher returns in an emergency fund.

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