How much money PM Narendra Modi has?

Did the title make your eyes take notice? After all, it’s our PM we are talking about.

Assuming you want to know how much money our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi has, please read ahead to know PM Narendra Modi’s assets in 2020.

Given that Stable Investor is a financial site, I thought it would be interesting to share this data about PM Narendra Modi’s wealth and assets with you all.

And we will also see what is the salary of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. I know many people have this fancy of comparing salaries. So since you already know what your monthly salary is, you will now also get to know what is the monthly salary of PM Narendra Modi.

So let’s see where has PM Modi invested his personal wealth.

(Source of Data – link via voluntary disclosure. Narendra Modi wealth declaration was made by PM that was published on 12th October 2020 and provides data as of 30th June 2020).

PM Narendra Modi Assets 2020

As of June 2020, PM Narendra Modi’s wealth is about Rs 2.85 crore (which is up from Rs 2.49 Cr in 2019). And how is this distributed among various assets?

Here is the breakup of his wealth:

  • Fixed Deposit – Rs 1.60 Cr
  • National Savings Certificate – Rs 8.43 lac
  • Infrastructure Bonds – Rs 0.20 lac
  • Savings Account – Rs 3.38 lac
  • Cash-At-Hand – Rs 0.31 lac
  • Gold – Rs 1.51 lac
  • Equities – Nil
  • Real Estate – Rs 1.10 Cr

So that is PM Narendra Modi’s wealth. Or call it Narendra Modi’s assets.

As is quite evident, PM Modi saves the bulk of his income in bank fixed deposits. And from what I can make out from the asset data shared, the main sources of income for the PM are his salary from the government of India and the bank FD interest from bank FDs.

If you are curious to know how much income can you generate from FD interest, do read How much is Rs 1 Crore FD Interest per Month, and also monthly interest income from Rs 2 Crore FD.

No details of the PF (i.e. the provident funds like EPF, VPF & PPF) have been provided so I am not sure if officials who are part of the national government have this instrument at their disposal or not. I always thought these were common to all citizens of India.

And what about PM Modi’s asset allocation?

Here it is:

PM Modi Asset wealth 2020

So our PM is a Conservative Investor. (I am a bit unhappy to see zero investments in equities as I have a bias for equities). The bulk of PM Narendra Modi net worth is parked in debt instruments like bank deposits. And the remaining chunk is in real estate.

Here, let me say something about asset allocation. Everyone’s requirements are unique and hence, they need to have device their own proper asset allocation. There are some thumb rules for asset allocation like investing more in equities for long term goals and more in debt (and less in equities) for short term goals.

But it’s best to figure out your financial goals (download free goal-planning excel) and then have a proper asset allocation for your investments.

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Coming back, our PM believes in living a loan-free life. He has zero debts.

So that is all about total wealth of Sh Narendra Modi via PM Narendra Modi’s Assets Declaration of 2020.

And by the way, did you know how much is the salary of Prime Minister of India 2020?

I am sure many of you might know about it. But for those who don’t, monthly salary of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi is Rs 2.8 lac per month.

So you questions about salary of PM Modi and Narendra Modi salary are answered now.

But due to the pandemic and like common people experiencing pay cuts (read my quotes in business daily Mint here and here), all government officials including the PM have also taken a voluntary pay cut of 30%.

You can check this interesting Wikipedia page listing salaries of Indian government officials.

That’s it. And that was all about Narendra Modi assets 2020. I know talking anything remotely close to politics can lead to sudden eruption in emotions.

But please understand that this is just a post for informational purposes. I found it interesting enough that since Stable Investor is always talking about finance, it would be good to look at the wealth and assets of our prime minister as well. And in any case, all the data is available in the public domain. So don’t make any assumptions about anything from this post. 🙂

I hope you found this post about total wealth of Narendra Modi (2020) interesting in the context of your own networth and personal finance.

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  1. Makes sense that a public official would have 0% in Equities. (At least in personal name/public disclosure) If he did have significant investments in some private companies, then it would be very difficult to avoid conflicts of interest.

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