Tips for Fresh Graduates with Poor Job prospects (Quoted: Mint)

I recently got quoted a few times in the business paper Mint. It was for their coverage of how students graduating this year will have poor job prospects thanks to Coronavirus-troubled world and Indian economy.

These are tough times no doubt. More so for those who were planning to kickstart their career this year. But have faith. Things will work out in the long run. If it comforts you, then let me tell you that I graduated in the peak of the 2008-09 crisis. 🙁 Those were tough and stressful days.

But you all will emerge stronger from this I can promise you. It’s easier for me or anyone to say all this but few years down the line, when you are connecting the dots, you will realize that things do work out in due course of time.

Here is the link to the Mint article titled ‘Tips for the class of 2020 amid poor job prospects‘ published on 8th April 2020.

And just one simple suggestion from me if you want to hear it: Atleast temporarily, your “dream jobs will be tough to come by in the near term. Therefore, graduates should readjust to the new reality and try to make the most of it.”

My best wishes. Have faith. It works.


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