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Hope you all are safe and healthy in these times.

Thousands of you have already subscribed to Stable Investor’s emails. And I am thankful that every now and then, you allow my mails to pop up in your inboxes. 🙂

But time and again, many readers asked me to send updates on WhatsApp & Telegram as well. So I wanted to try this out.

Going forward, I plan to have a list, through which I will send out the following updates:

  • New posts/articles published on Stable Investor
  • Relevant (and updated) older posts/articles from the archives
  • Good articles published elsewhere (will have links to other good stuff that I read and find worth sharing)

How many messages can you expect? 2-5 per week.

Does this cost you anything? No. It’s free.

As you would agree, I have deliberately kept the frequency of the updates low so that it doesn’t become intrusive. And don’t worry I will not be sharing any commercial links or pass on the contacts to any 3rd party.

So if this interests you, then here is what you need to do:

For WhatsApp

  • Save the following number to your contact list as Stable Investor:

  • Send ‘Yes’ as a message to this number.
  • Within a few hours, your number will be added to the list and ready to get regular updates.
  • Or after saving the number, just use this link (and send a message ‘Yes’). You will be added to the list soon.

For Telegram

  • Save the following number to your contact list as Stable Investor:

  • Click this link. You will see the channel named Stable Investor. Click Join
  • Or if you face any problems, simply save the number and just send ‘Yes’ as a message. Within a few hours, you will get the invite link in reply to join the channel.

Still have doubts?

Here are a few more points:

  • Don’t worry, I will not be making a Whatsapp Group so your identity and contact details remain protected. Telegram anyways takes care of this aspect in its channels so that’s not a problem.
  • Incoming calls / sms aren’t monitored on this number. So please don’t call / sms on it. If you have something to say, you can email me or use contact forms on the site.
  • These updates are free. No charges.
  • Even though I don’t want you to, but whenever you wish to opt-out of the lists, just send a message saying ‘Stop’. And you will be removed from the list within a few hours.
  • No personal or investment advice will be given through these channels. If you wish to get in touch for investment advisory services, then reach out to me on email with your requirements.
  • Email subscribers will continue to get their mails as usual free. But for more regular updates, I suggest you join both the Whatsapp & Telegram channels as well.

Going forward, I plan to share more and more interesting stuff on these channels. So I hope you will join Stable Investor on Whatsapp & Telegram.

See you there.


  1. Your professional journey is quite a revelation.From time when you stated advising it has been really tough and new for investment community. looking forward to know more about personal finance and more through your posts.

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