FREE Book Giveaway – Stable Investor completes 6 Years!

Today morning, my wife reminded me that it was exactly 6 years ago that I started Stable Investor. And as I said last year too, it was the day I was reborn. Though the realization came much later. 🙂

I cannot thank you all enough.

Last 6 years have been wonderful for me, and I owe that to you all. Together we have taken steps to use money to live a life that we really want. And that is extremely important.

I really look forward to continuing this wonderful journey with you all in years to come.

FREE Book Giveaway


To celebrate the occasion, I am doing a Book Giveaway where I will be giving away 3 books. One each to 3 different winners. Here are the details.

Contest Period

00:00 Hrs on 17th November to 23:59 Hrs on 25th November

How to Win?

There are 5 simple things to do. You can do just one or as many as you wish.

Each action will give you one entry into the contest. So if you just do the 1st, you will have one entry. If you do 3 of them, you will have 3 entries. And if you do all of them, you will have 5 entries. Simple.

So here is what needs to be done:

I have created a short form that you need to fill:

  1. Your name and email address
  2. Message for me (good, bad, whatever you wish)
  3. Give emails of 3 people who you think will benefit from reading Stable Investor. Please don’t give spam ids. I know you will come clean. 🙂 Read note section too.

Link to Form

You can increase your chances of winning by doing two more things:

  1. Tweet a message tagging @StableInvestor
  2. Write a Facebook post tagging Stable Investor

Remember, each of these five actions will give you 1 entry into the contest. If you perform all 5 actions, then you will have 5 entries (which means higher chances of winning).

Declaration of Winners?

Three winners (for one book each) will be chosen. I will announce the winners on 26th November.

Note –

  • Email ids you give as reference for people who might benefit from getting introduced to Stable Investor: They will get an email from me in few days about whether they would like to receive my articles, etc. I will clearly ask them to unsubscribe if they do not want to receive my mails. I really do not want to spam people. So those who would not unsubscribe would receive my emails. And even then, they can unsubscribe anytime in future.
  • I suggest you only give ids of those who might be genuinely benefited by my posts.
  • Winners will be selected in a random drawing from all eligible entries received. I am not Elon Musk who can hold a live event. 🙂 So you need to believe me that I will make it as random as possible.
  • Winners have to provide an Indian address for delivery of the books.

Thanks and I hope you win!



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