Stable Investor Mid-Monthly January 2017

mid monthly january 2017

This is the seventh edition of Stable Investor’s Mid Monthly.

Great Stuff Elsewhere

One way to think about work-life balance issues is with a concept known as The Four Burners Theory. [Must Read]

If money doesn’t make you happy, then you probably aren’t spending it correctly. Here is how to buy happiness with money. Surprised? Infact, there is an interesting book about the same theme titled Happy Money which I think everyone should read.

Every asset is an investment in some people’s hands and a speculation in others. So it isn’t what you buy, but rather why you buy, that determines whether you are investing or speculating. Jason Zweig asks you to be honest (for you own monetary benefit) and identify whether you are an investor or a speculator.

Your phone uses you (and no… its not the other way round).

Peak demand for oil might happen much earlier than 2040. An interesting article on how focus has shifted from ‘Peak Oil’ to ‘Peak Oil Demand’ in just a few years.

You can derive investing lesson from a lot of non-financial places. Here is an interesting list of 10 Non-Investing Quotes with great Investing Lessons.

Should you be scared of stock markets sometimes? I think one should be (detailed here). But here is another take on when to be scared of the stock markets.

Leave the bulls and bears. Here is how to find which animal is the best investor.

What do the World’s Top Entrepreneurs Read? And here is what some elite venture investors read every morning. But don’t worry if you are neither an entrepreneur nor a venture capitalist. Here is a useful reading list of investing books for beginners. Good place to start if you still haven’t.

And the much awaited documentary ‘Becoming Warren Buffett’ debuts on 30th January.


In Last 30 days on Stable Investor

Detailed analysis of Annual Nifty returns in last 20 years.

Don’t just save taxes. Being young, you have a long road of wealth creation n front of you. And since it’s a season of tax saving, here is how you can use Section 80C to create wealth (and ofcourse save taxes).

Are you a Monk or a Minister? Or a Monkster? Find it out here. I promise it will clear a lot of your answered questions. 😉

No matter how much you want or need the ‘high’ returns from markets, you wont get it. You only get Investment Returns you deserve.


From the Archives

Aim of investing is not to beat the markets. But to achieve what you want.

We all work for money. But make sure that you are not the only one. Make your money too work hard for you.

Roti, Kapda, Makaan – and add a 4th one – Equity.

Finally, an open letter to my 18-year old self.


Books I Read (or Re-Read) Recently

  1. The Hard Things About Hard Things
  2. You Too Can Be Rich
  3. Intelligent Investor (it’s a January ritual for me)


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