Free Book Giveaway – Warren Buffett’s Birthday Celebrations!

Updated on 7th September 2016 – Will announce the winner today.

My lord (Warren Buffett) is celebrating his 86th birthday. Cheers!

So to celebrate the occasion, I am giving away ONE new book – ‘The Snowball’ to the winner of this dead simple giveaway.

Warren Buffett Birthday

The book is one of my favorites. It talks about various aspects of Buffett’s life – many of which were earlier unknown to most people. So if you are a Buffett fan and still haven’t read this book, this is your chance.

Contest Period

00:00 Hrs on 30th August   to   23:59 Hrs on 6th September


How to Win?

Do either or all of these 3 things:

1 – Leave a comment at the end of this post (‘Happy birthday Warren’ or anything you want)


2 – Leave a comment on this Facebook post, like it and share it with your friends.


3 – Leave a comment on this Twitter status – and Follow & Retweet.


Remember, leaving a comment is mandatory. But what you comment will not be judged. 😉 So just comment.

Each of these three actions will give you 1 entry into the contest. If you perform all 3 actions, then you have 3 entries (which means higher chances of winning).

Also, only ONE winner will be chosen from all those who take any of the above 3 listed actions. I will announce the winner on 7th September.

So pray for Mr. Buffett’s good health and participate in this giveaway. 🙂

T&C – Winner has to provide an Indian address for delivery of the book.


Written by Dev Ashish

Founder - Stable Investor Investing | Personal Finance | Financial Planning | Common Sense


  1. Happy Birthday Warren Buffet sir…… you ……thanks for the financial thoughts you have given to world……great leader to follow….Like money…….take care of your health

  2. Happy Birthday Warren Sir and pray to god to give you and charlie health and many more years of happy time…thank for all the good work Dev you are doing…

  3. I treasure the letter you wrote to me an unknown investor from India . May God Bless you for your philantropy and teaching milions the proper way to invest !

  4. The first time when I got to know about Mr.Buffett was when I was reading an article on “Power of compounding” and then when i googled about him i read so many beautiful quotes which are true and realistic in today’s world!

    Thanks for all the gyan and belated Birthday wishes Mr. Buffet :).

    -Ram Kumar

  5. Happy birthday Warren.
    Dev, I have been following your blogs for quite some time and they are very informative. Keep it up.

  6. ‘Happy birthday Warren’
    You are a God to many of us who dream and aspire to do wonders in the world of personal finance.
    Happy to see an increasing list of your preachers.

  7. Dear Mr. Warren, you have shown how humans should not be barren! Keep up your good work of learning, earning and Philanthropy! Thank God that he identified you to this world!

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