I want to interview You.

Yes. You read it right.
I am interested in interviewing YOU and knowing how you manage money.
I believe that everyone we meet, knows something we don’t. So here is my chance to learn something from you.
And if you agree, I can share the interview with readers of Stable Investor too.
I am sure that there are many readers, who have managed their finances brilliantly till now. But since they are not as free as me to write everything on a blog, their knowledge and skills remain largely unknown to most people.
I want to solve this problem.
I am willing to learn from you about your financial journey. I want to ask you questions about how you manage your income, your existing assets, how you plan for your future goals, etc.
Now frankly speaking, I am a little apprehensive about this. As many people prefer not talking about money and how they handle it.
But I will still take my chances here and ask you all.
So here it is…
If you are willing to share how you manage your money, then I am ready to interview you. It can be via email or telephone.
After the interview, I would also want to publish broad details as a post on Stable Investor.
If you want to stay anonymous, that is fine with me too. Your name will not appear anywhere.
So if you are interested, then just click the link below. You will be taken to a small form, where you need to give your preferred mode of interview and few other details.


Once I have the details, I will send you individual mails to take it further.
So looking forward to a ‘Yes’ from you.

PS – I have still not finalized the questions. Once I get suitable number of positive responses, I will do so.

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