Stable Investor Completes 4 Years – My Letter to You

4 Years Stable Investor

Yesterday, Stable Investor completed 4 years. Coincidently, 17th November was also the first day of my first corporate job. Though first-day-first-job has its own charm, I must confess that I remember this day more because of Stable Investor and less because of first-day-first-job feeling. 🙂
Now to say that I am happy and satisfied after completing 4 years would be both right and wrong. I am happy – Yes. I am satisfied – No. Why no? Because I want this to continue for many more years to come.
But that is not possible without YOU.
My heartfelt thanks to all of you who read, like, share and write back to me. Had it not been for you all, I would have been like a person on a deserted island, shouting out his thoughts with no one to listen to.
Every week, I get numerous mails from readers. Many are about how something I wrote helped them take a good financial decision. These mails mean a lot to me. And everytime a reader writes to me, it becomes another source of motivation for me to carry on.
Not a day goes when I am not thinking about what I should write here. Infact, it has become such an integral part of my life that at times, my wife questions whether I am married to her or Stable Investor. But even she realizes what this means to me. And result of her realization is that even my personal birthday cake did not have my name on it! 🙂
Since the site is about numbers (more specifically money), here are some numbers that might interest you. Site now has 250+ articles on areas of Investing, Personal Finance and Common Sense. Few months back, site’s traffic crossed million hits. Email and RSS feed subscription have doubled and tripled respectively, in last one year. On social media, Stable Investor has more than 4200 Facebook fans (become one) and 2300+ Twitter followers (join them). These numbers are not huge but still prove one thing very clearly – there is a growing tribe of people who actually believe in benefits of reallong term investing and who also want to put their personal finances in order.
Here are the 8 most read posts on the site that were published in last one year:

Now I am sharing few words by Morgan Housel (source) here. I shared these last year too. But relevance of these words here, force me to share these again:
Investing isn’t easy. It can get emotional. It can make you angry, nervous, scared, excited, and confused. Most of the time you make a decision under the fog of these emotions, you’ll do something regrettable. So talk to someone before making a big money move. A friend. An advisor. A fellow investor. Just discuss what you’re doing with other people. “Everyone you meet has something to teach you,” the saying goes. At worst, they give advice you don’t agree with and can ignore. More often, they’ll provide prospective and help shape your thinking.
So I request you to be my friend, advisor and a fellow investor from here on.

As for me, I promise to be your friend, your advisor and your fellow investor starting right now! 🙂
Thanks once again…
Looking forward to continuing this wonderful journey together and doing much more in 5th year. For starters, I rededicate Stable Investor to helping readers Invest Better, put their Personal Finances in order and achieve their financial goals using Common Sense.

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