My Wife – The Value Investor (of Precious Metals)?

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If you are married, the news of gold and silver prices falling would not come as a surprise to you. Your wife would have already told you about it. And I am no different. I have least of interests in precious metals. But things are different when it comes to my wife.

“The gold prices are at multi-year lows!! So are the silver prices!!”

This is the first thing I got to hear when I came back home in the evening today. And unsurprisingly, I knew what was coming after that statement…

“Shouldn’t we buy some gold and silver for the future?”
Immediately, I was on the back foot. I was trying to duck a full-fledged bouncer hurled at me at 160 mph!

And the scorecard read:
Couple's Investing Scorecard
My response: “Gold neither gives any interest nor any dividends. And even Warren Buffett doesn’t like buying gold.”
Couple's Investing Scorecard


Wife’s response:So once again your Mr. Buffett enters our personal lives. Since when did you start listening to him in matters of gold and silver?”
Couple's Investing Scorecard


Wife: “Now see, it has been years since gold and silver prices came down so low. Why can’t we buy some? After all, gold has a lot of value.”
Couple's Investing Scorecard


Dev: “But I still think its best not to buy these precious metals as investments. These are a type of insurances and not investments. We will anyways not sell it when it goes up in price. Isn’t it?”
Couple's Investing Scorecard

Wife: “See? You haven’t even bought it and you want to sell it. You don’t like selling stocks even when they go up, do you? Then why should we sell gold when it goes up?”
Couple's Investing Scorecard


Wife: “And will you sell my jewellery when prices of gold go up???”
Couple's Investing Scorecard
Dev: “Not at all. All I meant was that we already have sufficient exposure to precious metals at the overall portfolio level. We don’t need to add more to it.”
Couple's Investing Scorecard

Wife: “Now I don’t know what you are talking about. But being from the jewellery industry, I know gold and silver are cheap right now! And we need to buy some now. Let’s buy a little and I am sure it will not hurt your portfolio too much.”
Couple's Investing Scorecard


Dev: “But jewellery is not an investment. Can’t we buy coins instead of bangles, rings, etc.?”
Couple's Investing Scorecard


Wife: “What do you want me to wear in my ears – coins?”
Couple's Investing Scorecard


Dev: “Let’s go. Let’s buy some right now or prices might go up soon!”
Couple's Investing Scorecard

End of Story.

Disclosure: We bought some gold and silver today. Wife bought jewellery and I bought raw metal.

Final Scorecard?
I guess you all know it. But in reality, I was more than happy that it was not a big innings defeat. 😉
Sometimes our investments (or expenditures) are more about the people who matter to us and less about returns we get from those investments.


  1. LOL. This discussion was never meant to be successful. It never is, for men. I always get stuck in office or get very busy with work and hole myself in the room when there is news of gold prices going down!

  2. bahahaha…I had promised my wife a necklace when price of 10gm of gold drops to 22K, this was during the time when gold was going up and at 30K/10gm. Now I am hoping and praying that it does not fall to 22K 😀

  3. Amazing! Now that i am in the same club, I am very much able to connect to it 🙂
    Very well written like always!

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