Imagine what will happen, if This Guy is able to deliver on all his promises

I am not writing much today, but just sharing a video I finished watching a while back. It’s about Elon Musk. Don’t know him yet? Then let me tell you something…something which I honestly feel about this guy…
If I were to take a bet on just one person, who can change our world and its future, then it will be Elon Musk.
I can go on and on, about what he has done and what he is upto… and how it will impact our futures. But I think that once you have seen this 45-minute documentary, you will yourself put in the effort to find out everything about him. By the way, if you think that this man is related to the investing community, then the answer is a NO. 

He is doing something else. Something bigger…something inspirational.

Go on…if you have 45 minutes to spare, then do watch it right now…and if you don’t have time to spare now, bookmark this video and watch it later. I assure you that you will be inspired 🙂

If the video above is not working, click here.


  1. Yes Tejas…. the guy is inspirational…and not just because how and what he is doing, but also because how he manages and gets out of problems with full conviction and faith in himself.

  2. No doubt Elon is an inspiration.
    But not all businesses run by inspirational person, good investments. I will need to further analysis a lot of parameters before I can invest anything. And this I am saying with reference to Tesla.

    I am not sure if I will ever invest in SpaceX. Though an ardent believer of Science and technology, I am very conservative when it comes to investing my own money. 🙂

  3. Thanks for Sharing this Dev. Its really inspiring. What is your thought of getting similar business models in India like Solar City and Tesla.

  4. Glad you liked it Faisal
    I personally think that India may not be ready for Tesla cars, atleast not for next few years. These are costly from Indian standards.
    Not so sure about Solar City. Probably it can work on small pilot projects in areas which have good sunshine all through the year. And if it works out, then it might be a huge success!!

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