Boring Tuesdays – Three Things to Read Today – 7

Hi Friends
Yesterday came with a big, sad news for the value investing community of India. Highly respected value investor Chandrakant Sampat passed away. Many regarded him as the father of value investing in India. You can read a small tribute to him by Forbes India here.
And here are three interesting articles for you to read today…
Article 1
Just think of it…there is no worse performing ‘asset class’ than the average investor. So true. Isn’t it? Here are the 7 Truths Investors Simply Cannot Accept, but should as soon as possible. 
Article 2
Do you know Rule of 72? If yes, then that is great. But did you know why the mathematical experts zeroed down to number 72, when 69 would have been a better choice? To know the answer, read Why Rule 72 is such a great Maths Hack.
Article 3
A really simple formula for successful investing = I + G + R + P (or rearrange and call it GRIP)
That’s all guys…
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