Boring Tuesdays – Three Things to Read Today – 6

Hi Friends
Many of you have been sending links to interesting articles and ideas. I thank you all for your mails, as I now have a really long (& ever increasing) list of such articles. And in past few weeks, I have received numerous requests for sharing these articles on more than one day of the week. I wanted to know what others think. Please do let me know by means of comments…
In the mean time, I share with you three very interesting articles to read today…
Article 1
If you just have time to read one article today, then you need to read this superb one by Parag Parikh – Equities Can Scare You, But Won’t Kill You.
Article 2
If you ask me who my role models are, you will hear names like John D. Rockefeller, Warren Buffett, etc. All these are billionaires. But Mike Piper makes a valid case why he (and many others) should not have Billionaires as role models. Interesting read.
Article 3
You won’t know about an Indian named Divesh Makan. But Mark Zuckerberg does. And so do many other billionaires from Silicon Valley, who want him to manage their money. Read the real story about how this Unknown Indian manages Facebook’s Zuckerberg’s Billions.
That’s all guys…
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