Boring Tuesdays – Three Things to Read Today – 3

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It’s the second last Tuesday of 2014. Hopefully you would be getting ready to go on a vacation to celebrate your new years. So before you leave, I share with you three interesting articles.

So here it is…

Article 1

‘All past market crashes are viewed as opportunities, but all future market crashes are viewed as risks.’Makes Sense…isn’t it? How about this – ‘A couple of times per decade, investors forget that recessions happen a couple of times per decade.’ There are 14 more such statements, waiting for you in a Stunning List of 16 Rules for Investors to Live By.

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Article 2

Let me ask you two things. Why are you not part of the richest 1% of your country? And how much of your total income comes from not working for others? Strange questions…Right? Joshua Kennon tells you How the Richest 1% Generate their Income. It’s a short but powerful, eye-opening article, which clearly shows what we should be aiming for.

Article 3

He bought a stock at $38 which later went down to $27. On way to the school, his sister reminded him daily, that even her stocks were going down. He felt terribly responsible. When the stock recovered, he sold with a small $5 profit. Almost immediately after, the stock soared to $202 a share. Warren Buffett remembers this episode as one of the most important ones of his life and which made him learn Three Very Important Lessons about Investing, early in his life.

That’s all guys…

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Note 1 – Next article in this series would be published on 6th-Jan-2015 and not on 30-Dec-2014, as I will be busy with my own new year celebrations. 🙂

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  1. “All past market crashes are viewed as opportunities, but all future market crashes are viewed as risks”

    Wow what a statement….

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