Boring Tuesdays – Three Things to Read Today – 2

Its Tuesday again and I am here to share with you some articles which I found interesting. Hopefully it will brighten up this boring Tuesday a bit 🙂

Boring Tuesdays Readings

So here it is…
Article 1

I completed my MBA couple of years back and have realized that even though, they teach a lot about finance in B-Schools, there still aren’t many rich professors 🙂 Guy Spier in this beautiful article, tells you why it makes sense to read Warren Buffett’s Letters to Shareholders instead of doing a MBA.

Article 2

Rs 10,000 invested in this company’s stock in 2001 is now more than Rs 3,10,000 i.e 31 Times!! And that’s despite the company operating in a highly cyclical industry. Forbes has documented an interesting story about how Mahindra became the King of Indian SUV market and why it is still going to rise further.

Article 3

This is a story about someone who took his girlfriend to attend Berkshire Hathaway’s Shareholder Meeting. As of now, Wall Street bankers are fighting off each other to give their money to him. This college dropout is now known as The 400% Man.
That’s all guys…

If you missed last week’s Boring Tuesday post, you can find it here.

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  1. Dev I think I really like this assortment of different articles from different sources as much as I like your own writings. Please continue this and if there are more articles that you come across then don't hesitate to make a boring thursday write up as well 🙂

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