Boring Tuesdays – Three Things to Read Today – 1

I know. Just yesterday it was a Monday. And a day before that, it was a Sunday. And you are already waiting for the weekend to arrive. 🙂 Sorry I can’t help you with that. Weekend is still a few days away.
But there are few articles which I found interesting while reading stuff on internet in last few days. And I thought I will share it with you to brighten up this boring day.
Article 1
“When most people say they want to be a millionaire, what they really mean is to say ‘I want to spend a million dollars’, which is literally the opposite of being a millionaire.”
Liked it? Great…There are 139 more such amazing thoughts which the author has recorded in this beautiful compilation titled ‘140 Things to Know about Investing’ (the author has removed this article).
Article 2
Now listen to this very carefully. If you have to sit and read this long article for next 15 minutes, then please do so. This is the fastest way of getting your MBA in finance and how to manage your money, instead of your money managing you. Don’t miss this one guys…This is indeed what it claims to be, the Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Investing.
Article 3
You have always been bombarded with long lists of wise quotes by intelligent investors. Now this one is different. Here is a hilarious list of Stupid (& Laughable) things people in stock markets say.
That’s all guys. 
I hope you have an interesting Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. As far as Saturday and Sunday are concerned, they take care of themselves. 🙂


  1. Hi Krish,

    It is the responsibility of investor who employs his hard earned money in equities to study the company before investing. If there is any change in the fundamentals of the company invested, then one need to shift his investment to the other fundamental company. This ensures that the investment is not eroded.

    There is also risk involved in buying a flat or house. There are many cases where the flat promoters received money but delaying the delivery for years. And in many cases land documents are forged. In order to avoid getting trapped, we do consult a lawyer before buying and checks the records from the registrar office of the land or house which we are buying.

    If we do these basic things for buying a house or flat, then same applies to equity investment too where one has to do the homework of studying the fundamental and underlying business of the company which we are investing.


  2. Hi Krish

    I am not saying that real estate investing is bad. Even I will do it one day. But given a choice, I will delay it as much as possible.

    And you are correct that even great investors can get their stock picks wrong…so we normal investors might not even stand a chance. But even investments in index funds offers better returns if invested for long term. There may be exceptions where a property doubles every second year. But that does not happen to everyone and not every time.

    Once again I say that real estate is not a bad investment. I am just questioning the logic of buying a property at start of one's earning life.

  3. Hi RK

    Thats right…onus of due diligence will always lie with the investor.

    Also…Another thing which we missed discussing here is that cost of holding equity or Mutual Funds portfolio is much lower than that of holding real estate.

    Imagine when costs of annual demat charges are compared with costs of maintaining a property (repairs, bills and eventually the tag of being an 'old' property)

    What do you think?

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