Doctors Required For Financial Prescriptions

If anyone ever claimed that they have never visited a doctor, then it would be hard to believe. And to be honest, I have always looked upto doctors not because they help us stay healthy, but because they have an ever-increasing customer base. 🙂

Doctor Money

If any doctors are reading this post, I request them not to get me wrong here.
What I mean is that like all essential commodities (oil, power, etc)….doctors are also always in demand. Irrespective of whether the economy is going up or down.
Luckily for us, they are not listed on exchanges. 🙂

And this thought of having an increasing customer base, leads me to believe that doctors almost always, are much better off than any other class of professionals, when it comes to having a solid, sustainable and predictable income stream. Though a doctor’s income depends primarily on number of patients he treats, it is safe to assume that there is never a shortage of patients.

Sometime back, I remember someone making a remark that ‘”There are no Poor Doctors.”
And this remark does seem to make a lot of sense.

And honestly speaking, even I am curious to know how doctors manage their finances. With a stable, reliable and almost-guaranteed-for-life flow of increasing income, I want to know the thought process which doctors use to take financial decisions. Where do they invest? Why do they invest? How much risk do they take…etc?

And since I don’t know many doctors who can answer these questions, I invite readers to help me get answers. It would be great if some of you (doctors or their friends / relatives) could share your thoughts with me. You can mail me on and I will do a post sharing your thoughts with everyone. In case you do not want to disclose your identity, then I can assure you that it will be protected while publishing your thoughts.


  1. Dear Stable Investor,

    I am not a doctor, but my mom works as a nurse in a
    Government Hospital. So I do have a chance to interact with many doctors in my

    My opinions on Doctor’s financial decisions are

    As every doctor’s dream is to have their own
    clinic or hospital, they would be saving a lot of money for starting a clinic
    or a hospital more than common man’s dreams(buying a home or luxurious car or
    foreign vacation)

    After their first dream came true, they would be
    buying a lot of agricultural land near to city/town where they are working.
    (One of the doctor in my town bought so much agricultural lands nears by)

    After that they would be saving crores and
    crores of money (black money) to make their dumb children as doctors. (Assuming
    1.5 crores donation for MD in medicine right now).

    And one more thing I have noticed from couple of doctors is
    most of the financial decisions are made by their wife. Doctors will be treating
    the patients and their wife will be managing the hospital and doing accounting.

    Mostly doctors won’t be investing in Equity or any other
    ventures. Theirs save heaven is real estate and they won’t even put the money
    in Bank because most of it is black money.

  2. i am a doctor and i do not have any black money. more over my investment in real estate is nil.i stay and practice with my dad who is also a doctor. i had invested in equity but sold it few months investment is mostly in tax free bonds ,ppf ,rd . i will reinvest in equity once pe reaches 16-17.i have no investments in fmps or ncds or corporate fds.or debt mfs.minor investment is in arbitrage funds.real estate i think will not perform for next few years.

  3. this is an extension of previous post. my wife is also a doctor,but it's me who is managing the finances.more over all of us have studied without any fact we used to get stipend of rs 10000 per month 10 years back.

  4. many persons who interact with practising doctors have informed us that they all accept cash & do not declare the said receipts as income & hence have huge black money which they invest in real estate especially land, farm houses etc ; almost all of them have farm houses & agricultural land, farms etc which also can be used to convert their black money into white & balance invest in gold, diamonds etc where also black money investing is the norm

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