I like You. Do you Like me?

Hi guys

I get a number of mails from you all every day. And this is in addition to numerous comments on all the blog posts. Mails range from ones asking for advice on specific stocks to ones asking about gifting foreign trips to wives!! 🙂

But unfortunately, I am unable to give timely replies to all your mails. Sometimes, the mails just get buried in ‘read mails folder’ of my inbox. There shouldn’t be any excuse for not giving timely replies but the fact is that I still have a day job and need to juggle between the job and this small adventure called Stable Investor. 🙂

I received a follow up mail from a lady reader (Sa####) about how I was trying to act pricey and not replying to her previous mail. First of all… my apologies to her. I understand that it is frustrating if one does not respond to one’s genuine concerns. But honestly, this and many such slip-ups are neither intentional nor an act of posing like a big gun. Its simply because of reasons given in previous paragraph. And I wanted the readers to know the truth.

I just want to finish by saying that I am just a regular guy like you all and am trying to act not only as a guide but also as a friend. I know what it means to be messed up with your finances, not being able to pay the bills, cutting down on expenditures, etc. I have gone through all that.

I would feel satisfied if Stable Investor is adding value (or rather bringing sanity) to your financial life.

And I would appreciate You if…

…you would join Stable Investor on Facebook by clicking the image below and LIKING the Facebook page:

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Its faster & easier for me to respond to your Facebook messages and comments. Also, you will get loads of interesting stock market and wealth building related updates on a daily basis.

I hope you understand

A Stable Investor

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