Some People Are Making More Money than You & Me Because…

There is not always an apparent rhyme and reason to the pay scale attached to certain jobs. You may become fire fighter because it seems glamorous and profitable, only to learn that a beach lifeguard who appears to be more of a beach guy makes almost twice of what you do!! Firefighters may be required to log volunteer hours and do it for the joy and prestige, whereas lifeguards on certain beaches with regular high waves, rip tides, and white water make local fires seem infrequent and manageable.

Some jobs that require creativity and artistry are pegged as low payers, when in reality the average wine steward, makes slightly more than an account manager. Pairing wine with meals may take as much logic and skill as crunching numbers and analyzing profits and loss, or one may be simply valued over the other for unfathomable reasons.

So before you invest time and money in educating yourself, you should explore the realities of a professional field in order to determine the return on your investment. Of course, factors beyond pay come into play here, and it is up to you to weigh them out. 

Laying the groundwork for profit means exploring a number of factors that are not immediately obvious, whether you are choosing a profession or investing the money you earn from that profession.

Below is an interesting infographic to get your mental juices flowing.. 🙂

Surprisingly these people make more money than you!


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  1. It’s a very interesting infographic. It also reminds me the book “The Millionaire Next door” about how a lot of times millionaires and well-to-do people are the most unexpected and unassuming people. A lot of the examples in this infographic seem to suggest the same.

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