I Am Jealous Of This 29 Years Old Girl!!

According to Bible, one of the Seven Deadly Sinsis Jealousy. And I must confess that I am committing this sin now.

I am jealous.

And I am jealous of a 29 years old young girl. The name of this girl is Tracy Britt. And believe me or not, this girl, employed by Warren Buffett, is his right hand!!

Warren Buffett Tracy Britt
Warren Buffett’s Right Hand.

Now being almost her age, and a worshipper of her boss, its only natural for me to feel jealous. Isn’t it? Anyways, I know Mr Buffett isn’t listening to me, so there is no point in cribbing about it.

Tracy Britt is almost 50 years younger to Warren & he hired her in 2009 when she graduated from Harvard Business School. While at Harvard, she started Smart Women Securities to educate women about finance and investments. It was through this venture that she came in touch with Warren. And as per online sources, she seems to be a tough and a decisive ‘young’ girl. She is known to dismiss company heads with ease!! And just the following statement by Warren Buffett is a testimony in itself about what this girl is capable off:

And though Warren hasn’t publicly identified his successor, he thinks that “Tracy [would] be of particular value, to [his] successor.” One thing which I like about her work is that she gets to travel to Berkshire Hathaway’s smaller subsidiaries, where Warren is ‘too busy or too lazy’ to spend time on!! 🙂 And she is even the chairperson of a few of them!!

I tried finding more about her, but it seems that it is still early days for this girl whom Warren hired as a 25 year old financial researcher, and who is now the Financial Assistant to the Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. Financial Media has only recently started writing about her.

So for the time being, I will stop adding more fuel to this fire of jealousy. 🙂



  1. I more thing . I can just imagine how much she can by remaining in close contact with Charie Munger & Warren Buffet. She indeed is lucky.

  2. Jealous you bet….Buffet at 83 is on his way out of Bekshire and an upstart of 28 is at the helm. I am not sure if she can handle his billions. Nothing against her being a woman or young…only inexperienced about the market and its twist and turns…its a jungle out there…but I am sure she is just a face , bulk of the brain resides Bekshire after all , only steve jobs alone did not create iphone.
    time will only tell ?..

  3. Well said Atif… Only time will tell if this move actually works out or not.
    But Warren being Warren, I am sure that probability of it being the right decision is (atleast) slightly higher than that of it being lower.
    Anyways its quite evident that she will not be the real one driving Berkshire for the time being, but will be playing the support role..
    Lets see.

  4. Once Wary had bet with chief of a larger fund house (managing fund of funds) that fund can not beat index returns and fund house to say they can. Statement from its chief was “fortunately we are betting against performance of an index but not with Mr.Buffett.”

  5. Thanks for sharing that KP.
    And what you are indirectly pointing to is that we all are normal average investors and we should not forget it.
    We are not Warren Buffetts and we should not behave like him. And even if we are able to achieve average returns in the market, we should be satisfied.

  6. WB & CB knows that, when both trust her judgement ( not to mention Berkshire's Shareholders ). I think we should also try to.

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