Stable Investor Turns Two

Stable Investor has turned two. But frankly speaking, it seems a lot more than just two years. 🙂 Before Stable Investor came into existence, I used to write about stock markets on an ad-hoc basis on my personal blog. But Stable Investor has now turned that interest into something more special for me. I would be honest with you guys. I could have continued or discontinued writing during the last 2 years. But when I saw people taking part in discussions about what I wrote, it gave me a big high and a renewed motivation to continue working on the site. 

I clearly remember that when the site had turned 1, I did a special post thanking everyone. At that time, SI had close to 100 email subscribers and around 475 fans on FB page. As of today, the number of email subscribers has risen to almost 1000 and fans have also exceeded 1000. Though these may not be big numbers, for me, these numbers, your comments and reactions on FB page provide an assurance that there are atleast a few dedicated long term investors, who are reading and listening. And that in itself is something very special for me.
And to help me improve Stable Investor, I request you to spare just two minutes of your precious time and fill out a survey of 6 simple questions. You won’t get any prizes, but your answers to these questions would help me improve Stable Investor.
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  1. Congratulations Dev! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    I have a query. Which is the best Index fund with which to invest in India? My concern is that both indices cover only 30 & 50 companies and are not broad enough…would the Goldman Sachs CNX Fund be the best choice?

    If you had to pick an index fund from the many options in India which one would you choose and why?

    Thanks for the help and all the best to the site!

  2. Ok, Thanks Dev, I'm looking forward to that post, in mature markets like the US it's obvious that Index funds like Vanguard are the best option. My brain tells me to Index even in India and wake up 20 years later to reap the rewards but my heart aches when I see long term out performers like Franklin India Blue Chip and HDFC Equity thrashing the index by 5 to 10 % points.

    So far I've stayed away from Indexing for this reason. Maybe I'll change my mind in a few years….

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