Free Stock Mug Giveaway!! – 100,000 Hits Special

Stable Investor has crossed a small milestone. Just a few days back, we received our 100,000th visit on Stable Investor. And to celebrate this occasion, we got ourselves something to binge on.


But then we thought. It is you whom we owe it all too. It is you, who read our articles & kept us company while we tried learning from our mistakes and Mr. Market.Β So we decided to thank you. And to celebrate this occasion by holding a small contest titled β€˜Stock-in-a-Mug’.

What is required in this competition?

A little common sense, gut feeling and of course and a little luck…

All you need to do is to tell us name of that stock which you THINK will give maximum returns by April 12th, 2013… And that’s it!!

Winner gets to be a part of the celebrations and receives a sleek Stable Investor Coffee Mug πŸ™‚Β 

To win it, all you have to do is –


LIKE our Facebook Page (link) – [Mandatory. For obvious reasons.] πŸ™‚

Head to the Message button as detailed in pictures below and send us the name of ONE (just one) stock from Sensex 30 Companies (list of 30 stocks), which according to you would give maximum return by April 12th, 2013.

Sending Message to us – Step 1/2

Sending Message to us – Step 2/2

  • Only one entry per FB id would be considered valid. In case of multiple entries, only the last one would be considered.
  • You can submit your entries only till 11:59pm on April 8th, 2013 (not April 12th).
  • Winner would be the entry (stock) with maximum percentage returns on 12th April 2013 (not April 8th) from date of this post (March 26th).
  • In case of a tie of any kind, we would randomly select a winner among the tied participants.

So make the best choice!! Best of luck.

Note – Do remember. Entries close on 8th April. But winners would be decided based on returns till 12th April 2013.



  1. Hi-
    I came to this website based on what I read in Vishal's blog safalniveshak. Please note that this is not meant to be an offensive post. I thought you guys are long term investors based on what I read. But this one kind of knocked me off. If you guys are from the value investing stable or even long term investors why would you ever have a contest to predict a stock that would perform in a months's time. Isn't months time prediction too much short term? Posting this because this is the only thing I found to be conflict in what you guys generally have posted

  2. @Ravi

    We totally agree with you Ravi.
    The contest was to mark the celebration of a little site traffic related milestone and to increase the awareness about our small but growing initiative, i.e. Stable Investor. To be blunt about it, it was indeed for a little publicity πŸ™‚
    And yes, no offenses taken πŸ™‚

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