Stable Investor turns 1-year old!

The Story

When we first started this site in November 2011, we were not sure how long this experiment would last. Our first post was all (or rather only) about number crunching and to confess, very very boring. 🙂 But we still had a reason for starting this site. And it was to keep a check on ourselves. A check that whether we are putting our principles to practice or not. You can read about the (real) purpose of Stable Investor if you want (Hint – Animal with spikes!!) 🙂
Months went by and somewhere in middle of 2012, we had a change of heart. After a lot of debate, we decided to change our approach towards long term investing, and in general towards long term wealth building. One thing led to another and we abandoned our old portfolio in favor of a new one; which received positive as well as negative reactions for its strange name – Dead Monk’s Portfolio. 🙂
Thank You
Though we write everything here for our own selfish purpose (after all, we killed a monk to name our portfolio 😉 ), the fact remains that a lot of people deserve a praise here.
So thanks to all of you.
It has been a year and we are debating how to take Stable Investor forward. We have a few ideas like starting discussions on personal finance, etc. But we still haven’t come to any solid conclusion. As of now, our first priority would be stay in line with our current purpose.  If you have any ideas about what more can be done, please let us know.
Proof of our Passion for Long Term Investing!!
Warren Buffett Long Term Investing
Found in author’s bedroom!!
The picture above has been clicked in author’s bedroom. And as far as we can make out, it is not of his girlfriend but Warren Buffett!!! 🙂
So we hope you are going to bear with us in years to come. And thank you to everyone again for making us last a whole year so far!


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