23 March 2020 – The Great Market Crash (Nifty & Sensex)

Do you remember what happened in Indian markets on 23rd March 2020?

It was the day when the markets had their biggest one-day crash ever. Here is what the end of the day index returns looked like:

Nifty Sensex Crash 23 March 2020

Different indices crashed 12-15% and there was red all around. It was one crazy day in one crazy month of March 2020. But those who had the courage to invest then (or had the sense to remain invested), were rewarded handsomely in the next 1 year. The markets delivered more than 100% returns in just about a year, thereby doubling investors’ money.

I just thought this day should be remembered by all so that we never forget what markets can do in a matter of 1 day. On a related note, here are the biggest 1-day falls in Nifty and the biggest crashes in Sensex.

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