What is HODL in Bitcoin? And HODL Vs HOLD?


No, the word HODL is not a typo for Hold.

The word HODL has a history.

In 2013, a drunken Bitcoin trader misspelled the word Hold to HODL in an entry titled “I AM HODLING” (link) in a Bitcoin forum. In his post, he ranted about his intention to simply hold onto his Bitcoin as its price was crashing at the time.

After that, the term HODL quickly spread among the crypto community and has become a big part of crypto lingo and Bitcoin history. HODL can also be understood as standing for ‘Hold on for Dear Life’ – In a way, it’s equivalent to what we call buy-and-hold strategy in our equity investments.

It has also become a sort of advice for “weak hands”, i.e. nervous Bitcoin investors who are worried about the Bitcoin price crashes. It is said that they should be HODLing onto their Bitcoins and not sell them, as the prices will eventually recover in the long-run and bring in profits. Then there is also a thing about FOMO in Bitcoin.

So basically…


So that is the story of HODL – the most famous typo of the crypto-blockchain community. You will see numerous HODL memes in this space if you are participating in crypto and Bitcoin investing.

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So that was about HODL in Bitcoins in India (2023) and the difference between HODL Vs HOLD.

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