Top 23 Large Cap Indian Stocks

We are students of the Capital Protection School of Thought*, which is built on the thought that “Return OF Capital is more important than Return ON Capital”.

* There is no such school in real life 🙂

You might feel that if our prime motive is capital protection, then why are we entering stock markets? You are right. Stock markets are risky places where chances of losses increase in direct proportion to chances of achieving higher returns. There are n number of other safe investment instruments like bonds, PPF, NSC, Bank Deposits, Recurring Deposits, gold, etc. But we must be aware of their limitations too. Historically, these asset classes have failed to beat equities in the long run. So though we hate losing money and want to stick with rock solid and safe instruments, the fact remains that we cant ignore equities.

So, if you are in sync with what we just said OR if you consider yourself to be an average investor, incapable of giving a lot of time to stock analysis, it makes sense to only go for proven businesses in stock markets. These are companies which have been there and done that. They are businesses which are capable of weathering economic, political, sectoral storms. These are large businesses. These are large cap companies.

We always had an attraction for large cap stocks available at cheap prices. So when Morgan Stanley came out with a list of large Indian businesses with market cap greater than $10 Billion, we couldn’t help getting attracted towards it. 🙂

The guys at Morgan Stanley have taken these 23 ten billion dollar companies and ranked them on following parameters –

  • Strong 5 year trailing ROE and earnings growth
  • High forward change in ROE and earnings
  • Depth & breadth of consensus earnings revision

We don’t know the exact details of the rating/ranking mechanism, so we can’t comment on the same. This list is a work of Morgan Stanley. You should not take this post as an endorsement by Stable Investor about these stocks or Morgan Stanley’s approach. Do have a look at this list. And if you do invest your money in any of these stocks, that would be at your own risk. 🙂

India’s Top 23 Large Cap Stocks

Disclosure: We do hold some of these stocks in our personal portfolios.


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