Stock Portfolio Performance – Update 1

This is an update on price performances of stocks suggested for Dead Monk’s Portfolio.
It’s been 3 months since we came up with a list of 15 stocks to hold for long term.  Though 3 months is nothing when talking of long term, we anyways decided to see how individual stocks are doing and if any one demands any special attention.
Note- Cyclicals & Misc. are not a part of the Core Portfolio. They are not to be held for long term.
So after 3 months, are we still interested in stocks we suggested initially? Yes we are. But we would also confess that a few other stocks in our watchlist, are keeping us interested.  🙂 As of now, we don’t know if we would use them to replace a few stocks in Dead Monk’s Portfolio. At present, we prefer to keep our portfolio as it is.
Please note that we are just checking price performance (& not stock fundamentals) in this update.
And before you decide or even think of buying any of these stocks, we request you do your own analysis.


  1. Guys,

    Since the above excel sheet looked so green, here is what I did (forgive my nature for not taking things at face value) – I did a summation of the 3M returns of the above stocks (assuming that a person invests sufficiently and equally in all the stocks above) – The total stands at 89.x% gain – whopping! – I did not consider that dividends – that is just a cherry on the cake!

    But that is just half the story as we all know – the questions is – did this selection beat the corresponding sensex average – The sensex average for the same period was 10.x% growth.

    This is fabulous guys – beating the broader market by 800%!!

    Continue the good work folks – no need to change a damn thing in the portfolio above

  2. @The Educated Bull
    Summation of returns (%) may not be a very accurate approach to look at portfolio performance. Our calculation actually shows that if equal investments were made in all these stocks, portfolio returns would have been +4.5% i.e., portfolio failed to beat the index.
    But, we would still stick with our current portfolio composition. 🙂

  3. @theeducatedbull, summation of all the returns is wrong approach. Weighted average is best way to use.

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