Children’s Future Planning Service

Children’s Future Planning

You may have several financial goals. But when it comes to prioritizing, you would put your children’s future on the top. Right?

And it’s natural. As a parent, saving for children’s future is top-priority and non-negotiable.

Ensuring that your children get the best possible education without having to worry about money constraints. That’s one big goal of life. Another big one is to help them with their marriages. And Indian weddings can be grand affairs with even grander costs!

But sadly, most parents underestimate the amount of money needed for both these goals.

Higher education has become particularly expensive due to inflation.

Graduation that costs Rs 10 lac today will cost more than Rs 30 lac after 15 years. MBA from a good college costs about Rs 25 lac today. After 15 years, it will cost your child Rs 75+ lac. Same is the story with wedding expenses.

I don’t want to scare you with these big numbers. But this is the reality irrespective of whether you want to accept it or not.

So, let me ask…

  • Are you prepared for these big spendings?
  • Are you saving enough to help your children with their higher education and (if you decide to) marriages?

Proper financial planning can help you manage the costs of education (from childhood through higher education) and marriage.

So how do you plan for your children’s future?

As a SEBI-registered Investment Advisor, I help people by creating their Children’s Future Investment Plans based on a solid, systematic and well-researched methodology.

This helps you gain crystal clear understanding about what to do exactly to achieve your children-related goals. As your investment advisor, I will create a solid + actionable financial plan that tells you:

  • How much will your children-specific goal cost in future?
  • How much to invest periodically for these goals?
  • For how long to invest for them?
  • Where exactly to invest?
  • Stress-test your goal plan for multiple scenarios
  • How to ensure that children’s goals are achieved in your absence too (insurance requirement)?

Aren’t these the questions you really wanted answers to? I am doing the heavy lifting on your behalf and finding answers to these questions.

A proper investment plan created specifically for your children’s future is essential to ensure enough funds are available as and when the goal day arrives.

What Exactly Do you Get?

When you decide to engage me for Children’s Future Planning, I will be doing the following:

  • Education & Marriage’s Future Cost Estimation to ensure accurate assessment of your future goal needs
  • Evaluation of your Risk Tolerance and Appetite and Requirement.
  • Intelligent earmarking of Existing Investments for the goals
  • Provide customized Asset Allocation & specific product-level advice (which includes clear directions about how much to invest, for how long to invest, where to invest, etc.)
  • Assessment of proper Insurance Coverage to cover the goals
  • Stress-testing of the Plan for multiple scenarios (ex- what if you delay saving; what if you stop saving much before the goal day; etc.)
  • One Half-Yearly Review – to ensure you and your investments are on track to achieve your desired goal

You will receive a Super-specific and Totally Realistic Children’s Future Investment Plan, with all above details + advice and with an actionable investment strategy that is unique to you.

The product recommendations are made after carefully assessing your goal need, risk profile, return and inflation expectations, etc.

The On-going annual review will be a separate engagement. The review would be to ensure that portfolio is performing as expected and also to ensure that you are making progress on the right path towards achievement of your chosen goal. Unfortunately, if you are running behind schedule to reach the goal, then I will be making necessary adjustment to the plan to correct your course.

I know what you are thinking now.

If your children are very young, things like higher education and marriage seem very far into the future. You may also not be very clear about the goal amounts too. But that is where a good advisor can help you.

Starting late for such key financial goals can be disastrous & might compromise your children’s future. Ofcourse bank loans would be there to bridge any gaps. But why take a loan when you can avoid it by planning better? So start planning for your children’s education & marriage today.

I personally feel that shortage of money when you could have created a big enough corpus by proper planning is not an excuse to deny your children a better future.


One time Planning fee is communicated after a discussion about your actual requirements. Don’t worry, the fees is reasonable and obviously less than full financial planning fee.


The process is as follows:

  1. Telephonic discussion to assess your requirement
  2. You sign the Letter of Engagement & make fee payment.
  3. You provide required information via the data collection sheets & risk profiler I send you over email.
  4. Once I have all the information, I will create your Plan (with recommendations, specific advice and scenario analysis).
  5. Telephonic discussion about the plan.
  6. If need be, the plan will be revised post-discussion.

Mode of Delivery: E-mail

Estimated Delivery Time: 1-2 weeks

Interested in Working Together?

Proper planning is necessary to ensure that enough money is available at the right time for your children’s education and marriage. Irrespective of how young your children are, you should ideally start saving for these goals from today itself.

Remember the earlier you start, the lesser you need to invest.

If you need help with planning your investments for your children’s future, then I can be engaged for creation of a unique Financial Plan.

Getting started is easy. Just fill the form below and I will get back to you:

Or you can even send me an email on and/or I will take it forward from there.


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