Multibagger of Long Term Investing

Wouldn’t you be shocked if we told you that someone has turned Rs 10,000 into Rs 3,69,00,00,000 (Rs 369 Crores) in 32 years?. And that too by doing nothing in stock markets!! We bet you would be… 🙂

Your next question would definitely be – Who has done it?

Our answer is that we don’t know. But we are pretty sure that promoters of company would be one of them. They would have held shares for 32 years and made a killing. By the way, turning Rs 10K to Rs 369 Cr is same as growing your money 49% year on year for 32 consecutive years. Even great Warren Buffett managed a ‘paltry’ 25%…  So even if we told you earlier that you cannot become Warren Buffett, here we have data, which suggests that you actually can!!

(In comparison, banks pay 8% per year on deposits)

So now you’ll ask – How has it been done?

Before we answer this question, we would caution you that data given below has been collected from various sources and may or may not be correct. So, take it with a pinch of salt.

The company is WIPRO. Suppose you invested Rs 10,000 in its shares in 1980. You would have got 100 shares @ Rs 100 each. Now shares of Wipro have gone through multiple splits & bonuses. So we adjust them as and when splits & bonuses happened.

1980 – Bought 100 shares @ Rs 100

1981 – 1:1 Bonus = 200 shares

1985 – 1:1 Bonus = 400 shares

1986 – Stock Split to Rs.10 face value = 4000 shares

1987 – 1:1 Bonus = 8000 shares

1989 – 1:1 Bonus = 16,000 shares

1992 – 1:1 Bonus = 32,000 shares

1995 – 1:1 Bonus = 64,000 shares

1997 – 2:1 Bonus = 1,92,000 shares

1999 – Stock Split to Rs. 2 face value =9,60,000 shares

2004 – 2:1 Bonus =28,80,000 shares

2005 – 1:1 Bonus =57,60,000 shares

2010 – 3:2 Bonus =96,00,000 shares

Value of one Wipro share is around Rs.385.

So as of today, your investment of Rs 10k is worth a staggering Rs.369 crores!!

And we are not finished yet. If you know about benefits of dividends, you would realize that Wipro has been a regular dividend payer. Last year it paid Rs 6 per share as dividend.  So you would have earned  Rs.5,76,00,000 (Rs 5.76 Crores) last year alone as dividend income. Just imagine how much you could have made from dividends alone in last 32 years. 🙂



Best Nifty Stocks and 3 questions that let us shortlist them

Taking cues from Morgan Stanley’s ‘Connecting the Dots’ (June 2012), we decided to shortlist our own set of dependable stocks. For this we used following filters –

Filter 1: Is the Sales growth faster than nominal GDP growth?
This can be achieved by either being a part of a fast growing industry and/or gaining market share within the industry.

Filter 2: Is Profit growth faster than Sales growth?
This signifies a combination of several dimensions like market dominance, pricing power, better cost management, judicious investments and right mix of debt and equity.

Filter 3: Is Earnings per Share (EPS) growth broadly in line with Profit growth?
This signifies that growth and capital efficiency are linked. This also indicates whether an individual shareholder participates proportionately in company’s growth or not.

After shortlisting stocks by using the 3 filters, we added information about Return on Equity (RoE), Debt/Equity (D/E) & Dividend Yield (DY) as these are information which should be looked into before taking a final call to buy any stock.

We started with a universe of 50 safe large cap stocks which form the Nifty50. After putting Filter 1, we were left with 35 stocks. On putting Filter 2, we were left with 19 stocks. Final filter resulted in shortlisting of 13 stocks, which met all three criterias.

During last 3 years, average sales growth of these 13 stocks was 22.10%, which was much above the nominal GDP growth rate of 13 percent. Average Profit growth for these stocks was 31.40% & EPS grew at an astounding CAGR of 33.40%.

So, without much delay, we present the 13 rock solid and dependable stocks of Indian markets…
  • TCS
  • ITC
  • HDFC Bank
  • Wipro
  • BHEL
  • Power Grid
  • Bajaj Auto
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • Axis Bank
  • Hero Motocorp
  • Asian Paints
  • Bank of Baroda
  • IDFC

How these 13 stocks fared on 3 criterias is detailed in table below –

During the last 3 years, an investment made in portfolio of these 13 stocks would have given a market beating return of 17.90% (CAGR)

Only one stock, BHEL, gave negative returns (-17.34%) in this period. Overall market returned a meager 3.73%. This portfolio outperformed the market by 14% + (!!).

A snapshot & analysis of all 50 stocks can be found below. Please click the image to enlarge.

Click to enlarge
Caution – This is not a recommendationto BUY any of these stocks. We have not considered valuations of these stocks in the post. So do your due diligence before buying any of these stocks. Also, past performance is no guarantee of future results.


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